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FiltraFast* Extreme-Rate Compressible Media Filter

High-rate filtration within a very small footprint

FiltraFast is designed for industrial process water and wastewater, municipal tertiary wastewater, and water reuse. FiltraFast is a high-rate downflow gravity or pressure filter that uses a unique compressible media. The filter only uses hydraulic loading to create the required media porosity without any mechanical compressing devices. A proprietary backwash sequence enables maximum recovery, extends media life, and limits energy consumption. This process significantly reduces the footprint compared to sand filters, and reduced maintenance and replacement costs required by disc filters, and other compressible media filters.

Features & Benefits

FiltraFast Features & Benefits

The FiltraFast downflow compressible media filter achieves up to 10 times the hydraulic loading rate compared to conventional filters.


  • compressible media lighter than sand
  • no mechanical compression or moving parts
  • long media life between 7-10 years
  • extreme loading rates (20-40 gpm/ft2)
  • proprietary controls 
  • gravity or pressurized design 
  • effluent TSS < 5 mg/L & turbidity < 2 NTU
  • 3% water loss


  • Compact footprint
  • Excellent effluent quality
  • Low waste volume
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy maintenance
  • Reduced overall cost


  • industrial process and wastewater 
  • tertiary wastewater

How it Works

FiltraFast Diagram

How FiltraFast Technology Works


Raw water enters the filter through the top and then flows downward. The hydraulic load compresses the media and creates an ideal medium porosity to retain solids and turbidity. Solids and turbidity are captured by the media and the filtrate then exits through the nozzles at the bottom of the filter. 


  • Phase 1: compressed air is injected at 15 scfm/ft2 plus water at 10 gpm/ft2 for 3 minutes to uncompress the filter media bed.
  • Phase 2: media is washed using compressed air at 10 scfm/ft2 and water at 10 gpm/ft2 for 20 minutes.
  • Phase 3: air is removed from the media by pumping water at 10 gpm/ft2 for 5 minutes.
  • Phase 4: air is purged from the filter plenum for 2 minutes.

About the Media

  • Polymeric fibers and beads
  • Lower density than sand minimizes energy used for backwash
  • Porosity adjusted by the flow to achieve required water quality


Watch the FiltraFast video


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