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Dulces Nombres in Mexico Chooses SUEZ’S Technology To Treat Wastewater Sludge

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SUEZ has commissioned its largest Evaporis* LT (low temperature) belt dryer system in history in Monterrey, Mexico. The dryers supplied to the Dulces Nombres Wastewater Treatment Plant are the first sludge thermal units in Mexico. They will divert up to 405 tonnes of sludge every day from landfills and open new avenues for sustainable recovery.

“If we want to increase the sustainability of wastewater treatment plants, we need to divert sludge out of landfills; the future lies in recovering resource from sludge,” said Kharla Jovanka, Wastewater Manager at Servicios de Agua y Drenaje de Monterrey (SADM). “With the SUEZ dryer system, we have new avenues for sludge management, turning sludge into a valuable resource, including quality fertilisers, new materials or as energy.”

Bienes Ecológicos (BIEECO) the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) firm for the global drying facility, is a key player in sustainable business in Mexico, with experience in integrating solutions to reduce the environmental impact and recognized expertise in waste management, sludge thermal drying, and renewable energy.

“The SUEZ Evaporis LT dryers are extremely reliable, safe, and energy efficient, making them one of the most cost-effective and sustainable options for sludge treatment,” said Octavio Osorio, Project Manager of BIEECO. “We completed a thorough review of the drying technologies market which led to selecting the Evaporis LT solution, and we are delighted with the results of our cooperation, both from a technical and a relationship standpoint.”

The line of patented Evaporis LT System belt dryers leverage SUEZ’s in-depth experience in thermal drying at low temperatures using low-grade waste heat or other fuels to dry waste solids in an energy efficient process. For the installation at Dulces Nombres, SUEZ manufactured and supplied two Evaporis LT low temperature belt dryers, and also supplied some key ancillaries such as boilers, cooling towers, and ultrafiltration (UF) units. The system has been designed to treat 405 tonnes of sludge per day. It is designed to recover energy from biogas to reduce the amount of sludge by 70 percent, making it easier to transport to sites where it can be recovered.

SUEZ worked closely with engineers from Bienes Ecológicos (BIEECO) and the municipal operator of the plant, Servicios de Agua y Drenaje de Monterrey (SADM).

“This close collaboration proved essential in delivering a successful project, complex and ambitious due to its size and first reference in the area,” said Diana Permuy, Manager of the Drying Technology Business for SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions. “BIEECO and SADM should be commended for this project, which paves the way for new resource recovery initiatives while meeting the unique challenges of this plant. We’re proud to have had the opportunity of working with them.”

“With 50 years of presence in México, SUEZ has built a relationship with municipalities and industries, supporting them to achieve their water and waste goals, and help them in the construction and development of smart and sustainable cities, through our experience in the generation of innovative solutions that allow the preservation of resources,” Permuy added.

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