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MEMPAC Wastewater Filtration System

A complete wastewater filtration package designed for the Asian and MEA markets

The MEMPAC MBR system – featuring the ZW500 membrane – is ideally suited for small wastewater treatment needs. Starting with a complete membrane filtration packaged (membrane process skid incl. membrane cleaning systems, membrane tank and membranes) no other components are needed to operate your filtration package. Designed to fit inside a standard container, these single train systems can be deployed easily in most locations. 



  • The ZeeWeed* 500 reinforced ultrafiltration membrane has a 0.04 μm nominal pore diameter - for optimal removal of particulates, bacteria, and viruses.  Its PVDF chemistry gives mechanical strength and chemical resistance. 

  • On skid backwash system with integrated backwash tank to maintain performance and increase time between cleans 

  • On skid membrane blowers 

  • Integrated membrane cleaning systems on skid 

  • Main control panel on skid 

  • In-situ cleaning 

  • Twelve system sizes:  

    • MEMPAC 50 – Capable of up to 75 m3/d 
    • MEMPAC 100 – Capable of up to 115 m3/d 

    • MEMPAC 150 – Capable of up to 150 m3/d 

    • MEMPAC 200 – Capable of up to 225 m3/d 

    • MEMPAC 300 – Capable of up to 300 m3/d 

    • MEMPAC 400 – Capable of up to 445 m3/d 

    • MEMPAC 500 – Capable of up to 520 m3/d 

    • MEMPAC 600 – Capable of up to 600 m3/d 

    • MEMPAC 700 – Capable of up to 730 m3/d 

    • MEMPAC 800 – Capable of up to 820 m3/d 

    • MEMPAC 900 – Capable of up to 910 m3/d 

    • MEMPAC 1000 – Capable of up to 1000 m3/d 



  • Automated operation minimizes operator requirements. Gives consistency in treatment process. 

  • Pre-engineered for a short delivery timeline from submittal to a fully operational system 

  • Prefabricated equipment to minimize site work and site installation time/costs 

  • Robust process and membranes give increased tolerance for upstream process upsets 

  • Add to an existing conventional treatment system to increase capacity/effluent quality  

  • Compact footprint allows installation inside existing buildings or in a container. 

  • High effluent quality to meet stringent effluents requirements 

Supporting Materials

Supporting Materials