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Sulfate Removal Process Package

Flexible solutions for sulfate removal

SUEZ’s Sulfate Removal Process Package consists of a proprietary process design for the entire sulfate removal unit, pre-engineered modules with SUEZ's technology, detailed equipment specifications with data sheets and P&IDs. It is flexible and can incorporate a portion of the sulfate removal unit into the customer’s own scope of work, resulting in significant savings to meet local requirements. Combining SUEZ’s Process Package offer with our pre-engineered modules enables SUEZ to provide a comprehensive process warranty unique to our customers’ needs.

Process Package Features

SUEZ works with customers to evaluate pre-selected reputable third-party contractors who will be tasked with detailed engineering, fabrication and integration of the different modules.

At each step of the process SUEZ approves the engineering, fabrication and integration steps. SUEZ's expertise with chemicals, filters and membranes, pre-engineered solutions provides the customer with direct access to SUEZ’s experts for assistance and troubleshooting. Benefits of Process Packages include:

  • Increased execution flexibility to meet local content requirements
  • Cost competitive, on-schedule and protected by SUEZ's performance guarantees for the entire system vs. individual equipment components
  • Direct access to the SUEZ technology team for assistance and troubleshooting


Sulphate Removal Process packages

Sulphate Removal is often a vital requirement of offshore water injection systems, with the key requirement being to reduce the natural sulphate content of the seawater down to a level where scaling and souring risks are eliminated.

SUEZ is unique amongst topsides water treatment vendors in that we are the only supplier to not only design & build the process plant, but also to manufacture membranes, the key component in both the pre-treatment and sulphate removal processes.

In addition, SUEZ is a major manufacturer of the chemicals needed for water treatment production and membrane cleaning.

The SUEZ Advantage

Combining a deep understanding of membranes, chemicals and many operating references of offshore water injection plant gives clients ‘the SUEZ advantage’ in ownership of a custom-designed solution with extensive built-in knowledge and experience.

SUEZ can take full responsibility for the complete sulphate removal module which would be fabricated at a location convenient for the client, benefiting from our existing global relationships with shipyards and manufacturers.