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Vortex* Grit Remover for Wastewater Treatment

Protect plant equipment from abrasion and excessive wear

The Vortex* Grit Remover is used to protect equipment at wastewater treatment plants from damage and excessive wear due to abrasion from grit. Grit removal protects moving mechanical equipment from abrasion and accompanying abnormal wear, reduces pipe clogging caused by deposition of grit particles or heavy sludge in pipes and channels, and reduces the frequency of digester and settling-tank cleaning required as the result of excessive accumulations of grit in these units.


Vortex* Grit Remover Technology

The Vortex Grit Remover employs a circular tank equipped with a turbine type rotor to control velocities. Collected grit is pumped to a cyclone concentrator, and then to a screw classifier, for final separation of the grit from the water. Aeration can be included with the system if the sewage tends to be septic when it reaches the treatment plant. The addition of air into the grit remover tends to mitigate odors and imparts dissolved oxygen to the waste. Air is normally introduced into the Vortex Grit Remover by including a sparger which is located under the rotor.


  • Excellent pretreatment option for municipal or industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • Standard designs available from 5’-0” through 26’-0” diameter
  • Aeration option available

How it Works

How Vortex Grit Remover works

Grit Remover internal viewA well-designed grit remover must be more than just a settling tank, since it must separate organic putrescible matter from the grit over a range of flows.

A commonly used design is based on grit particles with a specific gravity of 2.65 at a temperature of 60°F. By maintaining proper velocities in the grit remover, the grit separates, since it has a higher specific gravity than the organic matter.

It should be noted that since the settling rates of these materials can be quite similar, complete separation of the grit from the organic matter is difficult. The Vortex* Grit Remover is, however, designed to approach complete grit separation when properly operated.






Main Features

Main Features of the Vortex* Grit Remover

  • Variable Hydraulic Loading - To optimize the process under variable flow conditions, constant velocity is maintained within the separation tank utilizing the variable speed drive.
  • No Short Circuiting - The inlet is 270 degrees away from the effluent weir. The basin geometry provides optimum vortex performance, eliminating dead spots.
  • Maximum Operating Control - The circulator speed can be changed to obtain the optimum separation of grit and organic matter to meet the specific requirements of each treatment plant.
  • Minimum Headloss - Because an overflow weir is not required, a major source of headloss in the grit remover is eliminated. This results in better plant hydraulics and reduced pumping costs.


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