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Membrane System Design Software

Winflows - Membrane Systems Design Software

The Winflows design software is an intuitive and user-friendly simulation program that allows users to quickly design simple or complex reverse osmosis (RO), nanofiltration (NF), and electrodeionization (EDI) systems. The software provides exposure to Veolia’s spiral wound RO/NF membranes and E-Cell EDI stacks along with extensive cartridge filters products as well as pre-engineered NF and RO systems.

Winflows Design

Winflows version 4.04 Features Include:

  • The following elements are now obsolete & removed: AK-440, AK-400, AK-400, 34, AK-365, MUNI-RO-400-HR-LE, MUNI-RO-430-HR-LE​
  • Pre-configured 3 pass array program bug has been fixed​
  • Fact sheets updated for IND RO7 elements and EDI E-Cell stacks & systems​
  • Updated water and salt permeability for MUNI-NF​
  • Updated TCFB for HL and MUNI NF​
  • Icons corrected in Winflows Reporting ​
  • Winflows is the customer facing EDI E-Cell projection software; now has 3 options to input the feed water analysis​
    • Option 1 - alkalinity and pH are known​
    • Option 2 - CO2 and bicarbonate concentrations are known​
    • Option 3 - bicarbonate concentration and pH are known​
  • Winflows can also recommend pretreatment chemicals and their dosage rates if needed​

Version released Sept, 2021

Winflows version 4.03 Features

Winflows version 4.03 Features Include:

  • Updated pre-engineered NF/RO machine selection (arrays and fact sheets)
  • Hardness, Ionic strength and Density were added to each stream
  • H-series elements are now available
    • High Performance (AG-400 H and AG-440 H)
    • Fouling Resistance (AG-400 FR H)
    • High Performance, Low Energy (AG-400 LE H, AG-440 LE H)
    • Low Energy (AK-400 H and AK-440 H)
  • AG8040F-400 LE is now available
  • Updated water and salt permeability for HL NF
    • Enhanced flow and sulfate rejection
  • DK4040F30 is now available
  • Cross-reference was added to Help menu.
  • RO-EDI pressure loss as an input is now available for complex flowsheet design 
  • The parameters for IND RO HP elements have been revised / corrected
  • Winflows can also recommend pretreatment chemicals and their dosage rates if needed
Version released May, 2021
Winflows 4.02 Updated Features

Winflows version 4.02 Features Included:

  • High-pressure elements up to 1500 psig are now available
    • Ind RO Series (up to 1200 psig)
    • Ind RO HP Series (up to 1500 psig)
  • Enhanced Winflows Reporting
  • Option to import/export Argo file to Winflows for comparison
  • Updated water permeability of NF and SWRO elements
  • Updated water permeability of Duraslick RO elements
  • Booster pump and permeate backpressure valve now available in Winflows flowsheet
  • Option of adding feed pressures in system with more than one RO/NF unit
  • Updated Filter, NF/RO element and pre-engineered NF/RO machine selection capability
  • Winflows is the customer facing EDI E-Cell projection software
    • Stand alone EDI design functionality
    • Updated Complex flowsheet design for RO+EDI configurations
    • Addition of the New E-Cell MK-7 Stacks
    • Updated Temperature and pH range for all Stacks
  • Winflows can also recommend pretreatment chemicals and their dosage rates if needed

Version released January, 2021

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