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Membrane System Design Software


The Winflows design software is an intuitive and user-friendly simulation program that allows users to quickly design simple or complex reverse osmosis (RO), nanofiltration (NF), and electrodeionization (EDI) systems. The software provides exposure to Veolia’s spiral wound RO/NF membranes and E-Cell EDI stacks along with extensive cartridge filters products as well as pre-engineered NF and RO systems.

Winflows Design


Winflows version 4.06 features the following updates:

General Program Improvements:

  • Improved flux convergence when running RO projection at higher temperatures.
  • Resolved a mass balance issue on high sulfate feedwater under low pH conditions.
  • Improved validation and warning on feed pH excursion for an expanded range of membrane types (PA RO, PA NF, CA).
  • Improved user interface which now indicates the RO unit that has the Specify Feed Pressure option activated.
  • Revised Pump Specification menu and Pump Summary to the final power consumption after adding an ERD.

Membrane Product Updates:

  • Addition of new highly fouling resistant brackish water Durafoul RO1 Series elements for challenging wastewater applications
    • Durafoul RO1 is available under BW RO FR → Durafoul
  • Improved the pressure drop performance for the H Series 400 sqft elements to reflect the recent manufacturing advances:
    • Includes: AG-400 H, AG-400 FR H, AG-400 LE H, and AK-400 H
  • Improved the salt rejection to 99.65% for the legacy AG series elements:
    • Includes: AG2540TM, AG4040FM, AG8040F, AG8040F-400, AG8040F-440, AG4040FM FR,34, AG8040F-400 FR,34, AG2521TM
  • Consolidated and updated the BEV-RO Series and BEV-NF Series element with cage outer wrap:
  • Updated the HL Series elements to provide a more accurate projection in municipal applications:
    • Includes: HL2540FM, HL4040FM, HL8040F-400
  • Revised the MgSO4 rejection for the Industrial NF1 Series elements to reflect the actual element performance:
    • Includes: IND NF1 4040F35, IND NF1 8040F35
  • Updated the pressure drop parameters of many of the RO and NF series elements to allow a more accurate pressure drop projection especially in low pressure applications
  • Removed obsolete elements discontinued in 2023

E-Cell EDI Module Updates:

  • Updated to reflect the expanded flow ranges of the existing 3 Series of E-Cell EDI stacks. The updated flow limits are as follows:
    • MK-3MiniHT: The new flow range is 0.5 to 1.6 m3/h (2.2 to 7.0 gpm)
    • MK-3PharmHT: The new flow range is 1.6 to 5.4 m3/h (7.0 to 23.8 gpm)
    • MK-3: The new flow range is 1.6 to 4.54 m3/h (7.0 to 20.0 gpm)
  • Updated to align with the current operating temperature and pH limits for E-Cell EDI:
    • Temperature range: 4.4–40 °C (40-104 °F)
    • pH range: 4 to 11
  • Co-current option is now available on the RO-EDI flowsheet to allow a lower EDI feed pressure down to 3.1 bar (45 psi)
  • Updated Concentrate pressure drop calculations
  • Added Concentrate Pressure validation which now raises a warning on negative values
  • Added Voltage validation which now raises a warning when above the voltage rating of the selected DC power supply (rectifier)
  • Fixed a mapping error with the EDI Import & Export feature, i.e., “Open Water Analysis & EDI" and “Save Water Analysis & EDI”
  • Added PRO E-Cell EU to the dropdown list for the E-Cell EDI systems

Cartridge Filter Product Updates:

  • Addition of Filterplex.Z (FP.Zs) Z.plex depth filter to replace Muni.Z (MUNI.Zs)

Version released December, 2023