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PROflex LT Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis & Nanofiltration Systems

Robust, flexible, and economical systems for light industrial and commercial applications

The PROflex LT is both an evolution of popular E-Series systems and an extension of the municipal and more industrial focused PROflex product line. With this new offering, you can continue to expect the quality and durability that all Veolia systems provide. The PROflex LT will have the optimized simplicity and economics expected of E-Series systems but incorporate the powerful combination of further cost savings and configurability in the existing PROflex systems. 

Light industrial and commercial applications: 

  • Car washes 
  • Commercial/industrial boiler feed water 
  • Humidification systems 


True Flexibility to Design a System You Want 

PROflex LT offers the flexibility to choose an aggressive or conservative flux and design to meet the capital requirements of your specific situation. You can further explore all of the customizable models below by just providing simple operational inputs into the Veolia flexConfigurator.


PROflex LT4
PROflex LT4 Flow Chart

Download PROflex LT4 Fact Sheet


PROflex LT8
PROflex LT8 Flow Chart

Download PROflex LT8 Fact Sheet

flexible solutions with speed 

• Use the Veolia flexConfigurator to design your system, get drawings, obtain pricing and access Veolia expertise immediately, all on your schedule. 

• Lead times on most options can be as short as standardized systems. Some systems are inventoried for even faster delivery. 

reliable performance 

• Honed from the time-tested E-Series platform with Veolia vetted options you want. 

one source 

• Veolia is one of the world’s largest providers of membranes and membrane systems. 

• Systems are built with Veolia’s full complement of pre-filters, membranes, and Tonkaflo pumps for single source accountability and trusted performance.  

flexConfigurator Tool

flexConfigurator Equipment Configuration Tool

Access to our expertise at your fingertips, on your schedule, while only paying for the capacity that you need and the features you value - as easy as 1, 2, 3!

flexconfig steps


Flexible solutions with speed
Customize your system online, any time, with instant availability of prices as well as access to drawings and fact sheets

Reliable performance
The options included have been vetted by Veolia experts and build on the legacy of thousands of PRO and E-Series installations

One source
One portal to access detailed information and order various Veolia products, including PROflex, PROflex LT, and SeaPRO systems

PROflex Are Available by Region

Choose the PROflex that works for where it will be operating, before you begin configurating your system.  Each Regional PROflex has different features and options.

Use the flexConfigurator while logged into your Veolia account for accurate pricing

With your Veolia login information, the flexConfigurator recognizes your company's specific sales relationship and will provide accurate pricing information throughout the configuration process. To request login credentials, Sign Up Now!


Winflows System Design Software

Winflows is one of the most advanced projection tools on the market to quickly design simple or complex reverse osmosis (RO), nanofiltration (NF), and electrodeionization (EDI) systems. The software provides exposure to Veolia’s spiral wound RO/NF membranes and E-Cell EDI stacks along with extensive cartridge filter products as well as pre-engineered NF and RO systems.

The Winflows software can be downloaded here


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