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Addressing India's water crisis through reuse: new SUEZ white paper shows the way

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SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions today released a new white paper that provides a broad menu of policy options Indian government officials can consider as the country works toward a sustainable and resilient water future.

The report, titled “Addressing India’s Water Crisis: Policy Options to Promote Water Recycling and Reuse” highlights the bold actions that the Indian government is already taking to address water challenges, and provides global examples of where governments have been successful in implementing water reuse programs.

“In the past few years, India has experienced some of the greatest water challenges in its history,” said Jon Freedman, senior vice president, global government affairs for SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions. “But that past does not have to be India’s destiny. Water reuse and recycling offers India a path to water sustainability that many other countries have pursued and benefited from.”

With a rapidly growing population of 1.3 billion, more than 600 million people face acute water shortages. Groundwater supplies in several major cities are falling rapidly, while monsoon rains that recharge aquifers and reservoirs have become unreliable due to climate change.

“Governments at the state, local, and national level have marshalled massive resources to implement water solutions that meet the needs of a growing population and a burgeoning economy,” said Yatin Tayalia, senior vice president, South Asia for SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions. “But to ensure sustainability of this growth, we need to accelerate these efforts. This report gives the government options to choose from, and examples from around the world to call on, in order for it to implement water reuse successfully in India.” 

To learn about the wide range of solutions available,download the white paper here


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