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SUEZ aligns technology portfolio to support carbon capture projects globally

Recognizing the need for industry to capture carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from operations and in turn decrease greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere, SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions today announced it has aligned key technologies from its portfolio to support carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects around the world.

The Carbon Capture technology employed by SUEZ can be immediately retrofitted to virtually any exhaust gas system, including coal or gas-fired boilers, gas turbines, blast furnaces, and energy to waste facilities. The process enables carbon dioxide to be selectively absorbed from flue gas and conditioned to meet requirements for further utilization or storage.

Technologies for achieving carbon capture and storage including:

  • CO2 Capture Systems – with over 50 years supporting gas processing industries, SUEZ is able to provide a complete Carbon Capture system from flue gas treatment to CO2 compression.
  • System Services – from remote digital monitoring to heat/energy optimization to safety/corrosion monitoring to solvent quality monitoring and supply management to sweet flue gas monitoring, SUEZ is able to provide ongoing system services to ensure the long-term performance of both new and existing CO2 Capture Systems.
  • Solvent Conditioning – SUEZ offers a full suite of chemical enhancements such as antifoams, corrosion inhibitors, degradation inhibitors, reboiler antifoulants and cleaning chemicals to ensure that solvents operate at the optimal efficiency. Additionally, SUEZ offers filtration systems and electrodialysis separation systems to maximize the solvent performance while minimizing operating costs and corrosion risks.
  • Water and Wastewater Systems – SUEZ offers a complete range of water treatment solutions to ensure the make-up water quality meets the requirements of the CO2 Capture System. Additionally, SUEZ offers various wastewater treatment solutions to ensure the facility meets their environmental permit requirements.

The successful implementation of the “Net Zero Teesside” project will enable the large-scale roll out of the carbon capture solution across SUEZ. This includes its energy-from-waste plant portfolio, as well as other industrial emitters located within carbon capture, utilization and storage hubs worldwide. It marks a major step in the achievement of SUEZ 2030 sustainability commitments. (Related SUEZ press release)

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