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SUEZ unveils new Empower digital advanced analytic to improve steam condenser performance

Today, SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions has unveiled Empower*, the first of several new analytics that will launch over the next year to help customers yield real-world results and continuous improvement. SUEZ’s new Empower analytic uses real-time data from customer assets to help operators identify fouling in steam surface condensers.

“Steam surface condensers are critical to efficiency in power generation, and even relatively small improvements in their efficiency yield large financial and environmental benefits,” said Ralph Exton, Chief Marketing & Digital Officer for SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions. “As an example, in a typical 1200MW plant, a 2 percent improvement in performance could equal approximately $250,000 USD in savings**.”

Using raw data from SUEZ’s InSight* platform, Empower analyzes the efficiency of the surface condenser based on customer needs including design criteria, fuel type, and cost. It then evaluates both the thermodynamic performance of the condenser, as well as the economic and environmental penalties and losses of inefficient operation. Improvements can often lead to better fuel and water usage and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

A full suite of advanced analytics rolling out this year

SUEZ will leverage its unique expertise in water and process treatment to further develop additional analytics across the industrial portfolio. Rolling out throughout 2021, these analytics will enable customers to optimize the operation of critical assets and drive a positive impact to their bottom line as well as the environment.

The suite of SUEZ analytics uses real-time data, machine learning and artificial intelligence, along with customer-specific site data, to create a working model of the plant’s critical assets, enabling the customer to proactively identify issues and their underlying causes to optimize asset performance. SUEZ analytics provide operators with the critical information they need to optimize operational and maintenance programs, and better manager water, energy and fuel consumption. 

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** Based on standard market assumptions.

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