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What are the benefits of following the carbon in your process water?



What is TOC?

TOC stands for total organic carbon, which is a common measurement to gauge the amount of carbon-based compounds in water. It is frequently used in different industries such as pharmaceutical, municipal, semiconductor, chemical and hydrocarbon processing, and food and beverage. TOC analysis aims to help corporations and municipalities reduce and optimize water use, comply with permit and regulatory requirements, and demonstrate safety and quality standards, while maintaining asset reliability.

What does it mean to follow the carbon?

Following the carbon throughout your processes allows you to monitor processes or quality and pinpoint issues as they come about. Starting from the source water to the water that is used in the plant as utility and process water, and ultimately wastewater that is purified and discharged back into the environment, carbon monitoring can track the changing levels as the water moves throughout the facility and monitor levels if something goes awry. Carbon monitoring is useful for asset protection, process optimization, quality control, and regulatory compliance.

How can I get the most out of carbon monitoring?

Total organic carbon monitoring is a great way to control product quality, optimize processes, protect assets, and ensure regulatory compliance. It provides reliable data and is written in many regulatory guidelines around the world and across various industries. Here are some ways you can get the most out of TOC monitoring:

  • TOC can ensure water quality is fit for the purpose of the industry
  • TOC can confirm that water is free of contaminants
  • TOC can optimize the health of membranes such as RO, UF, and MBRs
  • TOC can protect boiler and heat exchangers
  • TOC can improve process optimization
  • TOC can alert users with real-time data to drive decisions, protect assets, and/or improve efficiency
  • TOC can help avoid fines and maintain regulatory compliance

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