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SUEZ introduces Ozonia L: the next generation of large capacity ozone generators

SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions has added a new family of large capacity ozone generators to its portfolio of industry-leading assets. Ozonia* L delivers large scale ozone production on a compact footprint, with a new web-enabled interface and real-time system optimization for energy efficiency and low total cost of ownership. 

“SUEZ’s Ozonia L ozone generators simplify large-scale ozone production and maximize efficiency for water and wastewater plants,” said Kevin Cassidy, executive vice president of engineered systems for SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions. “This product line incorporates the most advanced technology developed in the Ozonia innovation labs and is a continuation of SUEZ’s long heritage as pioneers and leaders in the disinfection and oxidation space.”

The Ozonia L family includes three new models to cover ozone production ranges up to 60 kg/h (3200 lbs per day) and reduces energy consumption up to 25% over previous generations. The line combines numerous advanced features to maximize energy efficiency, ensure reliability, and minimize cost of ownership.

The Ozonia second generation Intelligent Gap System (IGS+) helps make the L line the most compact high capacity generators available, providing flexible ozone production in response to real-time conditions and producing ozone concentrations of up to 16 wt% with a high tolerance for total hydrocarbon (THC) levels in the feedgas.

Each unit supports advanced digital connectivity through the SmartO3* platform which is designed to operate autonomously to optimize system performance, enhance reliability, and ensure asset availability. When combined with SUEZ InSight*, it delivers advanced diagnostic tools to lower maintenance costs by enabling remote access and monitoring from any authorized, web-enabled device.

SUEZ researchers also developed an advanced power conversion technology to further enhance efficiency and provide unmatched turndown capability. The engineering around these core technologies enable operation in harsh operating conditions such as those with high temperatures or humidity, and many options to simplify plant integration.

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