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Ozonia* L

Cost effective. Compact. Connected.

Veolia’s Ozonia* L ozone generators simplify large-scale ozone production and maximize efficiency by incorporating the most advanced technology from the Ozonia* innovation labs.

The Ozonia* SmartO3* digital platform includes advanced features to optimize system performance, enhance reliability, and ensure the highest availability.

Ozonia* 2nd generation IGS+ ozone generation technology lowers energy consumption even further for ozone production capacities up to 60 kg/h.

Features & Benefits

Lower Energy Consumption with Ozonia* IGS+ Technology

2nd generation Intelligent Gap System (IGS+) technology provides flexible ozone production and lower energy consumption to minimize operations costs. IGS+ technology supports ozone concentrations up to 16 wt% and high tolerance to feedgas Total Hydrocarbon (THC) levels.

Ozone diagram

Advanced digital features with Ozonia* SmartO3 Technology

Ozonia* SmartO3 digital technology is the latest addition to the Ozonia* product range and used across the Ozonia* ozone system range. The features of SmartO3 technology allow ozone users to optimize operations and maintenance to lower the overall cost of ozone system ownership.

  • The plant’s performance is optimized in real-time to ensure efficiency, availability, and stable ozone production.
  • SmartO3 technology makes service and maintenance faster, easier, and less costly by enabling a remote connection from any authorized, web-enabled device.
  • Ozonia* ozone technology is enabled to connect with Veolia InSight remote monitoring and diagnostics.
  • Industry-leading cyber security tools are included like encryption, password protection and customizable roles and permissions.

Turn-Key Ozone Systems

Turn-Key Ozone Systems

Veolia supplies turn-key ozone systems that include all the components required to operate an ozone plant safety and efficiently including:

  • Feed gas preparation
  • Ozone generators
  • Power supply units
  • Ozonia* SmartO3 digital solutions
  • Ozone gas contacting and transfer systems
  • Vent ozone destructors (VOD)


Ozonia* L ozone generators support ozone production capacity up to 60 kg/h.

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Ozone production data

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