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Swedish Wastewater Plant Selects SUEZ Technology and Expertise for Complicated Retrofit



SYVAB, a local authority that operates a large wastewater treatment plant in the suburbs of Stockholm, was looking for a technology partner that could support a major MBR retrofit. The Himmerfjärdsverket plant needed to increase capacity and meet new emissions requirements on a site in which space was at a premium. SYVAB wanted a partner that could offer end-to-end support, beginning in the design phase and extending through the challenging, five-year retrofit timeline. 


A multi-disciplinary team from SUEZ collected exacting technical data about the plant, which was designed to serve 350,000 people. The team used the data to design a solution that comprehensively met the increased capacity needs and new emission requirements.

SYVAB selected SUEZ’s LEAPmbr system, with ZeeWeed technology, which has earned a superior reputation in large industrial and municipal plants, for its compact design and high energy efficiency.  Once commissioned, the plant will be able to treat a maximum flow rate of incoming waste water of 240 MLD (63.4 MGD), with an option of supplementing to 312 MLD (82.4 MGD). It will include more than 240 ZW500D LEAPmbr cassettes.

As part of the deal, SUEZ will engage in a five-year, aftermarket service program to ensure peak performance at the plant.

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