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Veolia's Sievers Soleil Completes Industry's First Comprehensive Offering of Microbial Testing and Contamination Control

Bill Puent
| December 1, 2023 |
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Soleil Rapid Bioburden Analyzer
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The Sievers Instruments product line is expanding to provide more capabilities for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries, which are moving faster than ever.

According to McKinsey, new modalities have increased from 11% to 21% of the drug development pipeline, and manufacturing processes must keep up. Agility within production is needed to rapidly adapt to requirements for advanced manufacturing, implementation of process analytical technology (PAT), and improvements in batch manufacturing and process control. The new Sievers Soleil Rapid Bioburden Analyzer provides near real-time data to monitor the effectiveness of microbial control within ultrapure water and manufacturing processes, finally providing actionable results that correlate to conventional methods.

With the addition of the Sievers Soleil, Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions has become the industry’s first company to provide all four critical analytical testing parameters for pharmaceutical processes — bioburden, bacterial endotoxins, total organic carbon, and conductivity. This consolidated offering makes Veolia a unique single-source supplier of water testing solutions and process analytical technologies.

Users can accurately detect microbial contamination in water systems, raw materials, and in-process samples in less than 45 minutes with the Sievers Soleil, a major improvement over traditional testing that takes days to generate results. By providing bioburden data in near real-time that correlates back to plate counts, manufacturers can quickly take action to control contamination events and reduce risk.

This new rapid bioburden analyzer stems from Veolia’s recent acquisition of Sentinel Monitoring Systems. Sentinel technology and expertise allowed Veolia to expand the Sievers Instruments portfolio into the emerging market for rapid microbiological methods.

With the Sievers Soleil, users can:

  • Make timely data-driven decisions about the manufacturing process to reduce risk, increase cost savings, and enable greater confidence when releasing products.
  • Perform testing in a laboratory or at-line throughout manufacturing to monitor contamination control processes within water systems, cleaning validation, environmental monitoring, raw materials, and drug substances.
  • Easily perform testing with only three pipetting steps.
  • Remove the bioburden testing bottleneck in product release.

For over 30 years, Sievers instruments have driven smarter decisions through superior analytical testing, helping users meet regulations, optimize processes, and align with best practices. The Sievers Soleil continues that legacy, enabling simple microbial monitoring and greater efficiency.

The Sievers Soleil utilizes proprietary reagents, viability stain combinations, and high-throughput flow cytometry to distinguish between viable cells and interfering particles reliably. It quantifies viable bacteria, yeast, and mold without lengthy incubation times.

As a pioneer in water solutions, Veolia remains committed to developing innovative technologies like the Sievers Soleil to meet our customers needs. To learn more about how Sievers products can simplify your water testing, contact us today.

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