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Bangladesh’s first MBR-based effluent treatment plant in the textile industry meetsthe Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) aspirational guideline

textile industry

A textile company wanted to stop the existing biochemical based treatment and move to advanced biological treatment plant, to meet the ZDHC aspirational guideline with limited available space. Their goal was to make this plant the most water efficient plant which is a globally demonstrable site. They planned to recycle as well as achieve zero liquid discharge (ZLD) - a complete water management solution.

Client required modular based design to expand the plant capacity phase wise to meet the production expansion.


Bangladesh’s first MBR-based effluent treatment plantVeolia after conducting many pilot studies in the wastewater, developed a solution involving MBR technology with ZeeWeed* 500D to achieve desired quality water, which can be fed directly to RO system for recycling.

Veolia implemented the solution phase wise to increase the plant capacity from 3.6 MLD to 6.2 MLD.

The ZeeWeed ultrafiltration membrane has a normal pore size of 0.04 µm, which provides a physical barrier to biomass, bacteria and viruses and retains them in process tank. Veolia membranes can handle can operate in high mixed liquor suspended solids (MLSS) concentrations of up to 12,000 mg/L.

The ZeeWeed MBR system can operate with the membranes directly in series with the bioreactor tank. This drastically reduces the required plant footprint by eliminating the need for secondary clarifiers.

The MBR membranes are designed to operate with minimal air scouring through the use of patented cyclic aeration approach and the membrane fibers are manufactured from PVDF, which is highly resistant to cleaning chemicals.

The modular design provides flexibility for capacity increase.

  • Meeting most of the parameters of ZDHC aspirational discharge guideline
  • Less space & Less Civil cost
  • Easy to recycle, with High Recovery
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Modular based design to expand the plant capacity phase wise


Veolia provided a complete state-of-the-art Effluent treatment plant which is giving consistent very good quality outlet including BOD<10 ppm, TSS<5 ppm, Turbidity<5 NTU.

  • Higher % of BOD & COD reduction compared to conventional treatment.
  • Treated water of RO Feed Quality - TSS and Turbidity Removal
  • Modular design- Provision for Capacity increase. Also, aspire to achieve ZLD phase wise in future.