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Petronas upgrades their plant by replacing a competitor product with Veolia ZW1500 membranes


  • Petronas upgradeApplication: Direct filtration of surface water
  • Capacity: 330 m 3 /h (7920 m 3 /day)
  • Location: W.P Labuan, Malaysia
  • Commissioned: May 2008
  • Upgraded: January 2014

The Petronas PCML-2 plant is the largest methanol production facility in South East Asia. The water treatment plant for the facility was designed to produce 250 m3/h of demineralized water for different processes included boiler feed. However, due to TSS and colloidal particles in the feed water, the downstream RO units were fouling resulting in reduced plant capacity.

Furthermore, the existing competitor UF system was breaking down mechanically prematurely and was unable to provide the design flow.

PCML-2 decided to replace their existing UF system with the Veolia ZeeWeed* (ZW)1500 to solve their pretreatment issues.


In partnership with Veolia, PCML-2 decided to upgrade to ZW1500 modules.

The decision to take advantage of the ZW1500 product was based on increased surface area and system reliability.

The existing competitor UF system was replaced with 96 ZW1500 module system including the required ancillary system changes to produce a nominal flow of 330 m3/h UF permeate @ SDI < 1 and NTU < 0.1 (95% of time).

Veolia Table

increased surface area

Upgrading to the 600ft 2 ZW1500 modules increased the membrane surface area from 41,280 ft 2 to 57,600ft 2 in the system; this represents a 30% increase within the existing footprint. PCML-2 decided to leave the plant capacity unchanged and took advantage of the flux reduction instead. The lower flux saves energy costs and reduces membrane fouling.

reliability and serviceability

The ZW1500 membranes use PVDF chemistry with a 0.02-micron pore size. As a result, the membranes provide improved permeate quality, more robustness and are easier to service.

ZW1500 membranes

upgrade process

In partnership with the customer, Veolia began the upgrade in November 2013 and the plant was fully commissioned and handed over to the customer in January 2014. The upgrade work included installation of the new membranes and changes to the ancillary equipment and programming.


By upgrading their plant membrane modules to Veolia’s ZeeWeed 1500, PCML-2 was able to increase surface treatment by 30% within the same footprint, decrease flux by 30%, and reduce downstream RO fouling rate.

Veolia’s ZeeWeed 1500