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ProSweet products help southeastern winery eliminate odor and fines while lowering costs


The wastewater treatment plant in a large Southeastern winery produces noxious sulfide odors. Grape skins, wine, grape juice and yeast all generate hydrogen sulfide (H2S) odors. Part of the wastewater plant system consisted of aeration ponds and settling ponds. When the outside temperature increased, so did the odors particularly in the settling ponds. Because of foul odors, the winery had received warnings and fines from the State Air Control Board. And, equally important, the H2S odor was perceived as a nuisance to plant personnel and the surrounding community.


A ProSweet H2S inhibitor product, added to the influent of the settling ponds, controlled odors by promoting favorable conditions for anaerobic bacteria that produce by-products other than malodorous gasses, such as H2S.


Almost immediately, no H2S odor could be detected. Plant personnel and the surrounding community ceased complaining about the odor, and no additional fines were incurred. In addition, the cost of the ProSweet H2S program was less than the total fines levied in the past by the State Air Control Board.