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Seekonk treatment of iron and manganese


The Seekonk Water District draws its water supply from groundwater with iron and manganese levels exceeding US National Secondary Drinking Water Regulations. In addition, one of its wells was contaminated with bacteria in 1998.


ZeeWeed* 500 immersed ultrafiltration (UF) membranes were chosen to meet their challenges. Immersed directly in tanks, the ZeeWeed membranes draw clean water through the membranes’ microscopic pores, rejecting bacteria, suspended solids, precipitated iron and manganese. Bruce Baldwin, Water Superintendent for the Seekonk Water District in 2001, said, “Thanks to this new facility, not only does the District meet current and projected community water needs, but this membrane treatment process gives peace of mind that we are supplying the best quality of water that we can at an affordable price. Veolia’s technology outperformed all competing systems, including conventional green sand technology.”


Time for membrane replacement

After more than 18 years of operation with the original membranes, the time had finally come for their replacement. The District made the decision to replace with ZeeWeed 500D membranes. We asked Rob Bernardo, Water Superintendent in 2019 the reasons for the selection: "Reliability and proven performance are just two reasons why the Seekonk Water District is committed to using the ZW500D membranes to deliver the highest quality drinking water to our customers. The Veolia service and support team offers water suppliers individually tailored solutions to ever-changing water supply regulations and demands. The Insight remote monitoring service enables the Seekonk Water District to confidently and continuously supply our customers with the highest quality drinking water and fire protection."

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