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Treating meat plant waste for use an animal feed reduces sludge & saves $115,000 USD

Meat processing


The large amount of sludge generated by the waste treatment program at this Canadian kill and processing meat plant could not be considered for rendering into animal feed because it was processed with aluminum sulfate before going to a municipal landfill site. Storage, hauling and tippage fees were costly.


Veolia recommended that a KlarAid* product be substituted for the alum, along with sulfuric acid to break down blood, oil and grease, and to reduce dissolved biological oxygen demand (BOD).

Mechanical changes in the wastewater system were also implemented.


These improvements reduced sludge volume by 76%, amounting to 9,219,080 pounds (4,182 metric tons) per year not sent to the landfill. In addition, KlarAid is an organic material that has been approved for rendering applications. The program savings from the reduction in chemical and landfill costs total US$115,000 annually. The lower volume and improved effluent quality also reduce the loading on the municipal waste treatment facility.