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Veolia’s M-PAK* mobile solution provides uninterrupted water purification to Koch Foods

Mobile Water
M-PAK trailer

Figure 1: Interior of Veolia’s M-Pak trailer


A Koch Foods poultry processing plant uses well water. Since the on-site water system is required to meet state drinking water regulations, water plant discharge must be < 0.5 NTU turbidity.

Koch Food’s water treatment equipment was aging, and they were having issues meeting state requirements under periods of high and expanding production in the processing plant. Koch Foods contacted Veolia because they needed:

  • An immediate bridge solution to allow them to meet discharge and operation requirements consistently
  • A strong understanding of needs for future capital upgrades

Koch Foods had several critical parameters to meet:

  • A system that could support high flow filtration (a minimum of 620 gpm).
  • Turbidity of less than 0.5 NTU
  • A design that minimized the need for site manpower, as well as documentation of the system’s performance for possible capital upgrades or expansion

Veolia’s immediate solution to the customer was the M-PAK mobile solution. (Figures 1 and 2). This rapiddeployment solution provided an ultrafiltration (UF) unit designed for a maximum flow rate of 800 gpm (182 m 3 /hour) and technology that removes suspended solids and colloids larger than 0.1 microns using pressurized ZeeWeed* hollow fiber membranes. The M-PAK trailer also offered two different trains within the unit, so the customer would always have 50% of capacity and not be at-risk of a water production failure.

Veolia’s M-PAK UF system was ideal for this application as it accommodates inlet variability water quality. Because the UF membranes act as a particulate barrier they outperform conventional treatment alternatives; especially when stringent effluent specifications are required.

The M-PAK system also provided a rapid turn-key solution that was pre-wired, pre-plumbed and only required the customer to tie into their utilities. The Veolia InSight* monitoring technology also helped the customer understand preventative maintenance, problem resolution and was programmed for the customer’s specifications and specific project needs.

While the M-PAK system was providing high quality purified water to the plant, Koch Foods was allowed the time required to evaluate both capital equipment upgrade options and long-term mobile options.

In parallel Veolia’s team worked closely with Koch Foods to understand the customer’s requirements and proposed capital and a long-term mobile solution utilizing the M-PAK that Koch could adopt with no capital outlay.

M-PAK trailer

Figure 2: Veolia’s M-PAK trailer


The M-PAK mobile bridge system met the most urgent need for the customer and the convenience and consistent, economical operation allowed time to focus on the needed longer-term solution.

“This turn-key bridge solution was easy for us to implement and got us the results we needed. We would highly recommend Veolia for solutions like this”, said Jessica Culbert, the regional environmental manager for Koch Foods.