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At Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions we offer our graduates a challenging 12 month program focused on developing their essential and technical skills through a combination of in person, virtual and on the job training.

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Our Graduate Program

Veolia aims to develop motivated individuals who are willing to think outside the box, share new ideas, take on new challenges, and help Veolia continuously evolve into leaders of the resource industry.

Being part of our graduate program is the ideal opportunity for someone who is looking for a challenging yet rewarding experience and wants to take a leap into a global organisation following the completion of their university studies.

As a Veolia graduate, you will be offered a unique and robust learning experience. The 12-month graduate program runs November - November, and will challenge and enrich your learning to develop your skills, knowledge and confidence.  

The Graduate Program is our commitment to developing talented employees through:

  • Structured training on both essential and technical skills
  • Networking opportunities
  • A dedicated support network
  • Experiential learning, delivered on a monthly basis. Including 4 in person workshops at our key locations in Europe.
  • A 6 week team Sustainability challenge to develop your entrepreneurial skills
  • Quarterly reviews with your support network - a great chance for feedback
  • Real and meaningful employment

Hear from our fellow colleagues about the program:


Simon Gare, UK
"Joining the WTS graduate program offers many benefits, developing the key skills, commercial, engineering and project management.  Certainly, learning about our market leading products, supporting applications relevant to the environmental and social challenges we are facing, providing clean drinking water, responsibly treating municipal & industrial wastewater, while minimising our impact via energy efficiency and driving down carbon footprint.  The program provides our graduates an opportunity to meet and network with their fellow graduates and many leaders within the business and have fun along the way."


Sarah Adams, UK
“As the Graduate Program Leader, I support the development of the graduates for the program duration. This involves providing them with valuable training and networking opportunities. It's great to witness the remarkable growth of our graduates from the beginning of the program to its conclusion. I observe significant improvements in their confidence, independence, and mindset. Our program empowers graduates to explore and leverage their professional and personal strengths while gaining a deeper understanding of our business, people, and culture.”

RehanRehan Patel, UK
“As a coach and mentor, I get to grow in my appreciation of the young talent entering our business. I get the privilege to help accelerate their understanding or our company, its values, how it works and so they can unlock their true potential. The Program allows the graduates to get access to some of the top leaders in our organisation, a dedicated program in a supportive learning environment. Through this program you can truly see the graduates begin to grow in confidence allowing  them to challenge ideas, innovate, structure their  thoughts. Critically I can see graduates learn about themselves, and strive grow.”

elisabettaElisabetta Mercuri, Italy
“I have the privilege of being part of the graduate program as a coach, where I guide graduates in overcoming the everyday challenges of their fresh careers. One of the most amazing aspects of the graduate program is that not only it helps graduates grow professionally, but also allows them to get to know the company and its culture. This is made possible through the support of a network consisting of their manager, mentor, and coach, as well as participation in training, challenges, and meetings with leadership. It is truly rewarding to witness the progress of the graduates as their confidence and self-awareness increase.”

Hear from Lorenzo on his journey through the program


LorenzoMy decision to apply to VWTS graduate program was driven by my passion for environmental sustainability that grew during my university studies and my ambition to make my contribution to sustainable development. Knowing VWTS reputation as a global leader in environmental services and seeing its offerings in terms of learning opportunities and career development, I felt like this was the opportunity I was looking for to start my professional growth while cultivating my passion and ambition.

The program enriched my experience in different ways, however what I enjoyed the most were the training sessions in different WVTS locations around Europe where I had the opportunity to develop my skills in a stimulating environment collaborating with other young professionals like me, but with different cultures, backgrounds and coming from different areas of the business.

The program was key for my professional growth as it provided me with the mentorship of experienced professionals within the company who gave me a valuable guidance and supported me navigating my career path in a global company as VWTS. Moreover, the program gave me the opportunity to grow exponentially my network, expanding my professional connections and opening doors for future opportunities.

Currently I work in VWTS Supply Chain global organization as PSI Leader, being responsible of aligning, coordinating and balancing Production, Sales and Inventory for assembly factories in EMEA region.

My advice to anyone applying to VWTS graduate program is to be ambitious and proactive showing your passion and the enthusiasm that young professionals can have. VWTS has the purpose of being a global champion of ecological transformation and the program gives you the opportunity to be part of this noble goal and make your contribution to it from the early stages of your career.


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Recruitment & Selection – Top Tips

SUEZ Recruitment SelectionWe strongly recommend that you thoroughly review the job description for the role(s) you are applying for.  In your application don’t be afraid to draw our attention to where you have already demonstrated the essential skills, experiences and characteristics we are looking for.

After your initial application, you will be contacted by a member of the local Human Resources (HR) team if you have been shortlisted for the next stage of the process. Due to the large number of applications for our positions we can’t contact all unsuccessful candidates directly, although you will receive an update on the status of your application through the local applicant tracking system.

If you are shortlisted, you will be informed about what to expect from the next stage of the process.  This could take the form of a phone / virtual interview, a face to face interview, role specific knowledge tests or an assessment centre.  It’s important that you know what’s expected of you so that you can prepare well – please ask questions if anything is unclear or you need any further information!

As a general rule, understanding what is expected of you and being able to demonstrate this to the hiring manager using a variety of specific examples will help to set you apart from the competition.  Giving us an honest overview of your strengths and development needs will help us to assess whether you are a good fit for the role in question and, if you are successful in your application, provide a solid basis for us to work with you on your personal and professional development.


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