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How to sideload and install apps on Android as APKs

How to sideload and install apps on Android as APKs

Getting the APK file:

Before you can sideload the app on Android, you need to obtain its installation file. Android app installers have the .APK file extension that's short for Android Package. APK files contain everything that's needed to install and run the app.

Transferring the APK to your phone:

If you haven’t downloaded the APK file directly onto your Android device, you’ll need to transfer it from your computer to the phone. You can transfer it using Bluetooth, a USB cable, or a cloud storage service. Using a cloud storage service like Google Drive is normally the easiest way to get an APK onto your phone. Just upload it onto Google Drive from your computer, and download it using the Drive app on your phone.

Installing/Sideloading the APK file:

Once the APK has been transferred to your phone, you're ready to install it. Locate the file on your phone. The downloaded APK can be found in the Downloads app. Or you can use a file manager to navigate to the Downloads folder. Tap on the file name to start the installation. If this is the first time you are installing an APK from that file manager, the Downloads app, or the web browser, Android will throw a warning and ask your permission to continue. Give the permission and, depending on the app from where you’re installing the APK, you may have to tap back to get to the installer. In some apps, you’ll automatically be sent back to the installer. Tap on Install, and the application will be installed successfully unless there are compatibility issues. If your Android device is running on Nougat or an older version, you’ll first have to enable Installation from Unknown Sources by going to Settings > Security, after which you'll be able to install the APK. Sideloading support is available on all Android versions, and you don’t need root access or any other special privileges.oot access or any other special privileges.

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