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There is a continued growing demand for processed and prepared foods, including canned goods and frozen packaged products. The need to protect your brand and minimize environmental impact drives our customers to focus on their entire process, from ingredient water to wastewater. At Veolia, our industry experts partner closely with you, drawing on leading water technology and industry expertise to target your operations specific challenges.


The canning process is a packaging method that is used in many food and beverage industries. The industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in canning fruits, vegetables and juices; processing ketchup and other sauces; and producing preserves, jams, and jellies.

The canning process aims to destroy any microorganisms in the foods, prevent contamination, and produce a quality product with a long shelf life. To do so effectively, the process must be free of any contaminants throughout the entire production process. A water treatment program contributes directly to this goal by eliminating scaling, preventing corrosion, reducing fouling, preventing biofilm formation, providing maximum efficiency of operations, decreasing environmental emissions and ensuring safe operations.

Our typical water applications that contribute to the treatment of the above include steam boilers, cooling water, chilled water, wastewater treatment, water reuse, and influent water pretreatment. These applications use membrane solutions to treat the water to a certain level of quality before entering the plant or treating the wastewater to an acceptable standard before being discharged or reused.

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Frozen Foods

Frozen foods, or ready-to-eat food products, are becoming more popular due to the hectic lifestyles among individuals and their lack of time to prepare food. One of the biggest advantages of frozen foods is that the time it takes from the freezer to the table is usually under 5 minutes. Frozen foods offer good taste and convenience and are a safe preservation method since most pathogens are inactivated in cold temperatures.

A frozen meal consists of several ingredients, which are often cooked independently and then mixed before freezing. Our typical water applications that contribute to the treatment include ingredient water, boiler water, cooling water, wastewater treatment and water reuse. At the process level, water can be used to cook foods before they are packaged, for cleaning and as an ingredient. This represents an opportunity for SUEZ to provide an ingredient water system or membrane cartridges.

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Snack Foods

Snack food manufacturing, like cookies and chips, is constantly evolving to meet changing tastes of consumers. Tied to this fast-moving industry is the pressure for manufacturers to be forward-thinking in using their resources.

SUEZ is uniquely positioned to provide a broad range of equipment, technologies and services to help snack food manufacturers apply wastewater and reuse applications to their manufacturing facilities.

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