Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions

Upstream Oil & Gas Industry Solutions

Veolia experts work closely with you to drive success for your specific oil and gas operations. Our tailor-made technical solutions help oil and gas companies around the world meet rising standards for water treatment quality and safety—while also minimizing downtime and cost. 



Inlet separations performance enhancement

Filtration / coalescers

Condensate stabilizers – corrosion protection & fouling control

Amine treating/natural gas sweetening – design/build, protect, ensure operating performance, minimize solvent loss

Dehydration – design/build, enhance performance

Process contact water – treatment & compatibility studies

Utilities treatment

Finished product quality improvement

Compressor – efficiency, performance, treatment

Products & Services


Water treatment technology provider (design / build / operate)

Natural gas technologies for process units, natural gas sweetening & dehydration – design/build/operate

Natural gas purification process and separation equipment – design/build/operate

Bridge solutions 

Natural gas facility performance management