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Upstream Oil & Gas Industry Solutions

Veolia experts work closely with you to drive success for your specific oil and gas operations. Our tailor-made technical solutions help oil and gas companies around the world meet rising standards for water treatment quality and safety—while also minimizing downtime and cost. 


A personalized approach to optimizing your operations

Whether you are looking to improve production efficiency, secure your operations, or optimize environmental performance, Veolia offers a broad array of modular offerings for increasing production and protecting your reservoir and assets. 

From chemicals, equipment and industry-leading remote monitoring and predictive technology, Veolia delivers specialized solutions that create lasting value. 

The Veolia advantage

  • With more than 3,000 technologists and 1,660 patents, Veolia is a leader in research and development around the globe.
  • We work closely with oil & gas companies to develop the right chemistry and equipment to support the newest technology.
  • Veolia is the leader in remote monitoring and predictive technology to improve process automation, optimize output and ensure reliability and safety.
  • Our modular and pre-engineered approach saves our customers time and money while reducing risk and delivering superior quality projects.
  • Veolia provides integrated offers that include chemicals, membranes, equipment, monitoring solutions and services wrapped in a single contract bundled offer.


Oil & gas industry applications

Boiler Water Treatment

Prolong the life of your physical assets and maximize process productivity by optimizing…

Monitoring Systems

Physical asset and TOC monitoring to optimize chemical consumption and meet water quality…

Products & Services

Products and services for the oil & gas industry

Corrosion Control

Prevent unplanned downtime and lost profit with Veolia's corrosion inhibitors