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Sievers M500 Online TOC Analyzer

Detect critical organic contaminants with unamatched reliability, robustness, and accuracy in pharmaceutical Purified Water (PW) and Water for Injection (WFI) applications with the new Sievers M500 Online TOC Analyzer

The Sievers M500 is our third generation online TOC analyzer for pharmaceutical grade water monitoring designed for accuracy, efficiency, and integrity. Building upon the proven results of the 500 RL, the M500 improves our industry-leading performance and adds a suite of cutting-edge features:

  • Super iOS 4-port sampler automates grab samples to increase efficiency.
  • Reducing analysis time by 50% facilitates utilization of real-time data, early detection, and process control.
  • 10-inch touchscreen enables faster and easier setup and operation.
  • Standardized and customized protocols improve productivity.
  • Enhanced data features improve data integrity.

Features & Benefits

M500 Online Features & Benefits

Accuracy. Efficiency. Integrity.

  • 150% faster analysis time
  • Advanced communications: Ethernet, WiFi, 4-20mA, Modbus, and Serial connectivity
  • 10-inch color touchscreen
  • Super iOS 4-port sampler automates grab samples to improve productivity
  • Simultaneous TOC & conductivity measurement
  • Automated system suitability calibration, & validation
  • 50% faster validation protocols
  • IP55 & full IP connections
  • Same footprint as 500 RL for easy upgrades

Data Integrity

Data Integrity

The Sievers M500 leverages comprehensive industry-leading TOC data management tools to ensure data is secure. The Sievers M500 supports compliance to 21 CFR Part 11 and adherence to US FDA and other Pharmacopoeia Data Integrity guidelines using new data transfer, data security and data management features.

Data Transfer

  • Remote access using Ethernet and WiFi
  • Advanced communications using 4-20 mA, Modbus, and binary

Data Security

  • Password protection
  • Data encryption
  • Customizable access, roles, and permissions

Web-based Data Management

  • Closed system architecture
  • Customizable data transfer and export


M500 Online Specifications

Total Organic Carbon

Linear Range 0.03 to 2,500 ppb as TOC
Accuracy ± 5% of measurement; ±0.1 ppb
Precision ± 1% of measurement; ±0.3 ppb
pH Range 5.5 to 8.0 in order to meet accuracy specification
Analysis Modes On-line, on-line averaged, on-line timed, Grab
Analysis Time1,2 3 minutes for continuous online measurements
Ozone Compatibility 50 ppb Ocontinuous; 200 ppb 03 for 2 hours daily
External Flow Rate Minimum 50 mL/min
Sample Temperature 1–95 °C (34–203 °F) (withstands short-term exposure)
Sample Pressure Up to 100 psig
Interferences Insensitive to organic heteroatoms
Calibration Stability Typically stable for 12 months
Display Readout 3 significant digits


Raw Conductivity Range 0.01 to 800 µS/cm
Conductivity Accuracy 0.005 µS/cm or 1%, whichever is greater
Conductivity Precision <1.0% RSD


Power Requirements 100–240 VAC, 70 W, 50/60 Hz
Fuses No user-replaceable fuses
Normal Operating Environment Intended for indoor use only
Ambient Temperature 5–40°C (41–104°F)
Maximum Relative Humidity Up to 95%, noncondensing
Maximum Altitude 3,000 m (9,843 ft)
Inputs Two isolated binary inputs
Outputs Serial (RS-232), one USB, three 40-20 mA, four alarms, one Ethernet
Installation/Overvoltage II (protects against transients present in Category II power)
Safety Certifications

CE, ETL listed. Conforms to UL Std. 61010-1. Certified to CSA 22.2 No. 61010-1.

Pollution Degree 2 (normally only non-conductive pollution)
Display Backlit 10.1", 1280x800, touchscreen display
Size H: 43.4 cm (17.1 in); W: 55.9 cm (22.0 in); D: 28.7 cm (11.3 in)
Weight 16.3 kg (36 lb)
IP Rating IP 55
Optional Wi-Fi 802.11ac/a/b/g/n Dual-band 2.4/5 GHz
Industrial Communications Protocol Modbus TCP/IP


1Time to first measurement is 10 minutes

2Base model analysis time is six minutes for continuous online measurement


  • DLM 78500-03 (Coming soon!)