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Sievers TOC Standards and Sample Vials

Minimize risks and eliminate variables with Sievers certified vials and standards

When performing total organic testing in a laboratory or cleanroom, it is important to minimize contamination risks and eliminate test variables in every analysis. When reference materials are not made from the highest quality components in a carefully controlled environment, they can lead to test failures, non-conformances, product quality issues, and unplanned downtime. Sievers certified standards and vials ensure top performance and accuracy. ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 17034 accreditations confirm our standards are consistently produced, controlled, and audited. 

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Learn about the wide variety of Sievers standards and vials

As part of the complete TOC testing solutions we provide our customers, we are committed to producing the highest quality reference standards and vials on the market. 

  • Sievers Standards include: TOC System Suitability sets, Accuracy Precision standards, Calibration and Verification standards, Linearity sets, Conductivity standards, Custom standards, and more.
  • Sievers Vials include: Certified Low TOC vials (<10 ppb), Pre-Acidified TOC Vials, Dual Use Conductivity & TOC (DUCT) Vials, Clean-packaged vials, and more.

Features & Benefits

Standards & Vials Features & Benefits


  • Standards are ready-to-use with no preparation needed and are supplied in application-specific containers.
  • Each standard comes with a Certificate of Analysis verifying the complete traceability and accuracy of the standard. 
  • Extensive stability studies have been performed on all standards to provide a recommended shelf life for each standard.


  • Certified Low TOC Vials are reliable, economical, and clean to ensure quality TOC measurements.
  • Pre-Acidified TOC Vials can save time and improve TOC recoveries in cleaning validation applications. Available in options for swab samples (pre-filled with acidified water) or final rinse samples.
  • Dual Use Conductivity & TOC (DUCT) Vials enable simultaneous measurement of conductivity and TOC from the same vial, saving time and eliminating sample handling issues.
  • Certified Blue TOC vials offer clean packaging (cardboard- and paper-free) for controlled environments.


Accreditations for Standards & Vials Production

Sievers manufacturing facilities have been ISO 9001- compliant for over 20 years. ISO 17034 and ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for the production and testing of our TOC and conductivity standards means we have achieved the highest combined accreditation standard in the industry. These accreditations confirm our standards are consistently produced, controlled, and audited. The Certificate of Analysis we provide with each standard complies with strict guidelines and includes all contributing factors to uncertainty. Learn more about Sievers Accreditations and Certificates.

Only Sievers cleans and certifies the vials used in standards production. This allows more closely controlled processes and full in-house traceability. Failure Analysis Reports (FAR) are available for the end user’s system, including reference materials, for full visibility if anything goes wrong. This allows customers to quickly and efficiently close out any non-conformances.