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Sievers TOC-R3 Online TOC Analyzer

You can confidently and quickly detect leaks, ensure effluent compliance, and improve quality and process control when you have dependable data. The Sievers TOC-R3 Online Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and Total Nitrogen (TN) Analyzer uses robust, high-temperature, non-catalytic combustion technology to provide reliable and responsive data for industrial processes. It uses 1200 ℃ complete combustion oxidation and has minimal maintenance needs, low chemical consumption, and advanced data management and software. With enhanced troubleshooting using predictive maintenance and remote control, you’ll avoid downtime and be ready to take action. Offering seamless operation, minimal maintenance, and enhanced uptime, the TOC-R3 is highly efficient for various monitoring applications. 


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TOC-R3: Robust, Reliable and Responsive

The TOC-R3 is robust because it provides superior analytical performance and status monitoring across a broad analytical range and protection classes for environments while having low maintenance needs. The instrument is reliable in its automated calibration, self-cleaning, and check standard capability, allowing for low system downtime. The revolutionary technology is responsive with a rapid cycle time as well as an optional leak detection mode and wide-range detector.

Features & Benefits

  • Catalyst-free, high temperature combustion offering complete oxidation at 1,200 °C
  • Minimal and simple maintenance due to modular design and status monitoring
  • Self-cleaning and automated rinsing capability to tackle even the harshest samples
  • Low chemical consumption for safety and lower cost of ownership
  • Advanced data management and intuitive software for straightforward user experience
  • Predictive maintenance and remote control for enhanced troubleshooting


Operating Specifications

Analysis Modes Standard:TC, NPOC Option: TIC, TN, TOCdiff, POC/VOC,

TC/Carbon : 0-10; 0-200; 0-2,000; 0-10,000; with Dilution 0-50,000 mg/L;

Wide Range: 0-200; 200-20,000 mg/L;
TNb*: 0-150 and 0-1,500 mg/L;
POC/VOC*: 0-25 mg/L;

Options/Accessories Leak Detection (for TC only), Sample Stream 2, Particulate Sampler, Air Box,
Air Scrubber, Communication Box, Mounting Rack, PID Detector* (for POC/VOC)
or ECD Detector* (for TNb)

Auto Calibration, Dilution, Check Function, Auto Rinse, Connectivity

(Remote Control), Predictive Maintenance

Precision  +/-2% End of Detector Range
Linearity R2 ≥0.997
LOD <1 ppm
Analysis Time 3-5 min typically
Smallest Inner Diameter (ID) 2 mm smallest tubing diameter
Capacity  Up to 21 samples in duplicate with positive product controls 
Salt Tolerance 3-5% NaCl
Carrier Gas CO2 free air < 1 ppm CO2 and <0.1 ppm hydrocarbon: 100-200 kPa @ 30-50L/hr flow rate (Optional: Air box)
Sample Temperature 2-60 °C (35.6-140 °F)
Ambient Temperature 2-40 °C (35.6-104 °F)
Minimum Sample Flow Rate

100 mL/min without Particulate Sampler or 11.7-50 LPM (3.1-13.2 US gal/min)

with Particulate Sampler

Drain Gravity, No back pressure (< 7 kPa, 0.07 Bar, 1 psig)

Analyzer Specifications

Communication protocols OPC UA, Modbus TCP/IP
Inputs Digital Input (4)
Display 7 in. Touch panel
Power AC 110 – 230 V ±10 V 50/60 Hz, 400-600 VA
Alarm Relays Warnings, errors, measurement limit, instrument status
Outputs OPC UA, Ethernet, 4-20 mA (6)
Installation/Overvoltage Category


Available Configurations Standard: Single-Stream; Option: Second Stream
Dimensions 900 H x 644.3 W x 354.5 D mm (35.5 H x 25.4 W x 14 D in)
Weight 55 kg, (121 lb)
Safety Certifications CE, UL, CSA
Regulatory DIN EN 1484 /ISO 8245, EPA 415.3, SM 5310B, ASTM D5173, HJ 501, DIN EN 12260


Enclosure Standard: IP-54; Option: ATEX Zone 1 & 2 T4, IECEx Zone 1 & 2 T4, C1D2
Maximum Relative Humidity Up to 85%, non-condensing

Options & Accessories

  • Total Nitrogen with simple electrochemical detector (ECD)
  • Volatile/Purgeable Organic Carbon with reliable photoionization detector (PID)
  • TOC Differential (TOC = TC - IC)
  • Leak Detection Mode for early alert of a leak 
  • Second Stream
  • Communication Box for Streamlined SCADA connections
  • Air Box as Standalone Carrier Gas System
  • Particulate Sampler for high particulate loaded streams
  • Mounting Rack