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Asset Performance Management

Asset performance management, or APM, is a broad term used across nearly every industry to describe digital solutions that enable greater reliability, safety, and efficiency. What does this mean for water and process operations?

The adoption of APM technologies for water and process operations is a growing trend across the industry. As industrial and municipal operators face growing challenges, like changing regulations, budgetary pressures, competitive threats, and the need for better visibility into complex operations, Veolia’S APM tools can offer a complete solution.

Putting data to work

Asset Performance Management (APM) can help:

  • Prevent unplanned downtime by detecting emerging problems and enabling proactive operator response
  • Increase asset reliability by providing greater visibility into Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and their trends over time
  • Extend asset life by facilitating data analysis to help operators optimize cleaning and maintenance schedules and predict remaining useful life
  • Optimize operations by uncovering opportunities to improve processes, simplify reporting, cut costs, or decrease energy, chemical, or water usage