Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions

Audit, Consulting & Diagnostic Services for Water Treatment and Processes

Technical expertise that spans the entire water cycle

Veolia takes a global view of your water cycle to optimize your assets processes and reduce your environmental footprint. We help customers across all industries simplify and optimize their processes to

  • Improve asset profitability
  • Maximize energy and water use efficiency
  • Minimize chemical consumption
  • Reduce environmental impact and carbon emissions
  • Avoid unexpected & costly surprises

Technical expertise matched with practical operator knowledge

Our expertise and experience spans the entire water cycle. This enables us to identify the right solution that is sustainable and deliverable from the beginning of a project. As we operate and maintain a large number of water and wastewater treatment plants across the globe, we are able to complement our technical abilities with our practical operator knowledge.

From carrying out a technical evaluation of the available technologies to overcome a water or effluent treatment problem to a full water and energy audit of your system, we can identify deliverable solutions in line with your key objectives.

  • Technical support, process troubleshooting and consultancy
  • Feasibility study
  • Water and energy audit
  • Equipment audits
  • Process and hydraulic assessments
  • Emissions solutions
  • Water sample analysis with mobile units
  • Strategic planning and risk analysis
  • Risk management and mitigation
  • Technology evaluation
  • Technical and financial due diligence
  • Asset management planning
  • Problem solving and bottleneck identification and evaluation