Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions

Sludge Digestion Enhancement

High efficiency anaerobic digestion system

Veolia's advanced anaerobic digestion technologies use bacteria in the absence of oxygen to break down matter to create biogas. Veolia's digestion enhancement delivers higher conversion of volatile organic matter, with over 80% COD converted to biogas while providing shorter retention times and increased capacity within the digester for additional sludge or organic waste digestion.

2PAD anaerobic digestion system benefits

  • Produces class A biosolids, which are bio-safe and can be land-applied without restrictions.
  • Separating the acid- and methane-forming phases makes the digestion process more efficient and more effective.
  • Aeration is not required, so energy costs are low.
  • Total hydraulic retention time is greatly reduced, which means smaller digesters can be used and associated costs are lower.
  • Foaming is virtually eliminated because nocardia bacteria, the typical cause of digester foaming, is destroyed in the thermophilic stage.