Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions

NS / IS Pak* Water Treatment Plant

Customize a compact water treatment system to your needs

The NS / IS Pak treatment plant combines all the necessary components for clarification or softening and filtration in a single, compact system. This constant-rate treatment system incorporates a raw water controller, high-rate solids contact softener clarification unit, filters, and chemical feeders.

Configure NS / IS Pak to your specifications, your facility, your application

The NS / IS Pak  modular design is based on a system of inter-changeable components. This practical and economical approach allows a variety of combinations to meet a range of treatment and operational requirements.  

  • Capacities range from 30 to 350 gpm. 
  • Potable water and service water treatment of well, surface, municipal or industrial or reuse applications 
  • Advanced wastewater treatment for the reduction of suspended solids, phosphorus, and other contaminants 
  • Removing heavy metals from industrial wastewater 
  • Engineered for ease of installation, economy, dependability 


  • Small communities, subdivisions 
  • Industrial plants 
  • Resorts and parks