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SP clarifier

High-rate, solids contact clarifier

The SP clarifier combines the principles of a sludge blanket and solids contact system into a single, high-rate, clarification unit. Capable of removing turbidity, color, TOC and other constituents in both municipal and industrial water applications.


SP Clarifier Technology 

The SP Clarifier combines basic chemical principles and proven clarification technology in a high-rate, solids contact clarifier that offers maximum efficiency. The unique design combines flocculation and clarification functions in one basin for optimal use of space. Vacuum generated flow pulsations create a homogeneous sludge blanket that results in excellent effluent quality at minimal operating costs. 

Superpulsator Technology

Performance Advantages

  • Clarified turbidity of < 1-2 NTU 
  • Ability to handle high raw solids (0 to 2000+ NTU) 
  • Up to 60% TOC removal 
  • Low energy requirement (1 HP per MGD) 
  • No submerged moving parts 
  • Integrated flocculation/clarification in one unit 
  • Ability to add settling tubes for increased capacity 
  • Hundreds of installations in the Pulsator family 

Features & Applications

SP clarifier Features & Applications


Main Features

  • No submerged moving parts 
  • Optimal flocculation and chemical usage 
  • Corrosion resistant materials 
  • Low energy requirement 
  • Minimal operator attention 
  • High-Rate, compact system 

Technical Features 

  • Flexible layout options 
  • Customize to any site plan 
  • Loading Rates: 2.0 to 4.0 gpm/ft2 
  • Polymer free at reduced loading rates 
  • Settling plate widths up to 20 feet 
  • Unit height 16 to 18 feet 
  • Retrofit existing sedimentation basins 
  • Retrofit circular clarifier basins 
  • Common-wall layout with our Greenleaf* Filter


  • Surface water clarification 
  • Membrane pretreatment 
  • TOC & color removal 
  • Conventional basin retrofit