Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions

TrueSense* Cooling Water Technology

Protecting assets and preventing corrosion with chemical automation

The performance of your cooling system requires operational efficiency, asset preservation, water conservation, and environmental compliance.

TrueSense for Cooling water treatment continuously measures and applies the right amount of chemistry for corrosion, deposit, and microbiological control.

When complemented with Veolia's patented chemistry, you have the measurement and control tools needed to fully optimize your cooling operations.

TrueSense for Cooling Features

TrueSense directly measures all three primary chemistries used in cooling water treatment:

  • Orthophosphate for steel corrosion control
  • Polymers for the prevention of deposits from mineral scales and dispersion of suspended solids
  • Free halogen for the cost-effective control of microbiological growth

Other benefits include:

  • Reliable onboard filtration that requires minimal maintenance with high suspended solids and high-turbidity waters
  • Alarming and self-contained diagnostics for fast and effective troubleshooting
  • Full interfacing with InSight*, Veolia’s cloud-based knowledge management solution