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Disinfection & Oxidation for Water Treatment

The world leader in ozone and UV water treatment

For over 40 years, ozonia* ozone, UV, and Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP) have been used in a wide variety of municipal and industrial water applications.

Ozone has been a best-in-class solution for decades in drinking water applications but oxidation’s unique properties make it a powerful tool for water users across all industry sectors.

Ozone, UV and AOP solutions are in applications for wastewater and reuse, process water, ultrapure water, aquaculture, pulp bleaching, chemical synthesis and flue gas scrubbing.

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Lifecycle Parts & Service

Veolia offers a comprehensive portfolio of services for ozone, UV and AOP products to ensure your system remains reliable and sustainable over its entire equipment lifetime. Our service offerings focus on three aspects of our systems:

  • improve performance
  • reduce operational costs
  • minimize downtime
Lifecycle Parts

Our Customer Care team will identify and prioritize the spare parts needed for your Veolia system. Our worldwide network of service centers allows us to provide the fastest delivery times anywhere in the world. For plants that require on-site inventory, our Customer Care team can identify the items you need locally. We offer periodic audits to make sure you are keeping your local inventory lean. 

On-Site Service

We understand the importance of system availability. When you need support, we will organize a visit quickly using our global network of service providers. Our expertise combined with our extensive plant performance database can deliver the solutions you need.

For questions relating to any Veolia products or systems, our customer care team offers support by telephone, e-mail, and video conference free of charge. For urgent requests, we offer a hotline service.

Performance Audits

Performance tests and system audits can be scheduled at any time to help optimize your equipment for your operating conditions. After the evaluation, we will provide the optimal settings to improve system performance.

Our technology teams strive to improve our products every day. On-site performance measurements together with our plant process calculation tools can reveal possible adaptions to optimize operating expenses. Optimizing efficiency and control functions can lead to immediate savings.

Upgrades, Refurbishments & Retrofits

Software or hardware upgrades to the latest Veolia technology can lead to further functionality and easier management of your plant. Additional measurement and control loops may lead to direct operational savings as control systems improve.

Many Veolia systems can be refurbished using the latest technology to provide immediate performance improvements. System components degrade in performance over time. In many cases, our recommendations can lead to higher performance such as ozone generator cleaning, and ozone contact system optimization.

To ensure spare part availability for the future, we offer retrofits of key components, such as membranes, HMI, PLC or Power Supply Units (PSUs). We will keep you informed about any possibilities for retrofits and what we propose as a suitable replacement

Ozone Process Applications

Process Applications 

From laboratory testing, to pilot testing, through design and engineering, ozonia* solutions enable you to solve your challenges. We partner with our clients to find solutions using oxidation. Our industry-leading oxidation process expertise can develop solutions for your water treatment challenges

Laboratory Testing

Our industry-leading oxidation process laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, analyzers and data processing technology. Our expert staff brings over 20 years of combined experience to our clients.


We offer global piloting services to validation oxidation and AOP solutions will achieve results on your site. Ozonia* piloting services have standardized and customized solutions to fit any type of industry, application or site requirements.

Containerized pilot solutions

  • Ozone         
  • AOP      
Modular pilots Customized pilot solutions
Research, Literature & Expertise

Collaborating with Veolia allows our clients to access our industry-leading experience and database. Our expertise allows us to recommend al treatment process to minimize capital and operational costs

Our services provide a technical-economical assessment to define the optimum oxidation process mechanics including ozone dose, concentration, and process ratios.  We evaluate the site-specific evolution of water parameters (COD, TOC, AOX) and specific compounds (micropollutants, CECs) to ensure the feasibility of our solutions.