Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions

Aquaray* HiCAP UV Disinfection Systems

Designed for low profile, large wastewater flows

The Aquaray HiCAP, equipped with high power amalgam UV lamps, is designed for medium to large flow wastewater and reuse applications. The minimized footprint of Aquaray HiCAP makes it ideal for retrofitting existing chlorine contact basins. 


The Veolia Aquaray S is the new generation of Aquaray horizontal UV disinfection equipment incorporating the latest electronic ballast and communication technology with powerful long-lasting low pressure high output lamps. The power supplies for the lamps are located inside a sealed aluminum extrusion directly on top of the module. This Power Bar also handles the lamp controls plus data exchange with the Power Distribution and Data Center (or communicates with an optional PLC based control system). The self-supporting modular units are placed into the wastewater channel (concrete or stainless steel) in multiple configurations to provide the required level of disinfection.


  • Targeted plant flow rate up to 3 MGD (~450 m3/h)
  • 150 W low-pressure high output (LP HO) UV lamps
  • Modular system for ease of maintenance
  • Low profile and low head loss
  • IP68 rated for extended submersibility
  • Full electrical redundancy on a bank-by-bank basis to maintain safe disinfection at all times
  • Optional mechanical wiper plate to keep sleeves clean of foulant
  • UV intensity sensor on a perbank basis to improve monitoring
  • Available in stainless steel design or concrete channel layout


  • Wastewater
  • Wastewater reuse

Features & Benefits

The Aquaray S modules have many features and benefits that allow complete customization of the system to fit the customer’s specific needs in a cost competitive package.

Module Features

  • 2, 4, or 6 lamps per module
  • Proven 150 watt lamp for optimum performance and minimal footprint
  • Instant lamp ignition, no preheat delay
  • Low replacement lamp cost
  • Tuned influent flow guides for disinfection efficiency
  • IP68 rated for submergence resilience
  • 360° intensity UV sensor within a quartz sleeve
  • Optional wiping system available
  • Optional PLC available