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ozonia* Lab2B Ozone Generators

Ozone generator for laboratory research using ozonia corona discharge ozone technology

The ozonia LAB2B is a variable output corona discharge ozone generator designed to ensure continuous and accurate ozone production for laboratory research and academic applications where reliability is critical. The ozonia LAB2B produces up to 4g O3/h using air feed gas and up to 10g O3/h using oxygen.

Ozone generator for laboratory research using Ozonia corona discharge ozone technology

Operating using dried air or oxygen feed gas the ozonia LAB2B produces ozone up to 10% concentration by volume. Ozone output is easily adjustable using a control knob mounted on the front panel.

Ozone is produced when dry air or oxygen is passed over the ceramic dielectric of the ozonia ozone generating module. The module is powered by a high voltage power supply which automatically adjusts for the best performance. The electronic power board is designed for either intermittent or continuous operation. The ceramic dielectric is housed within a heat sink block which is air cooled.


  • Variable ozone output up to 10g/h
  • Operate under vacuum or at maximum pressure of 10psig
  • Illuminated switches indicating ozone production and faults
  • Air cooled ozonia ozone generation technology


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