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ozonia* ODT Thermal Vent Ozone Destruct Units

Achieve high ozone destruction efficiency using Ozonia thermal ozone destruction technology

Thermal vent ozone destruct systems are suitable for all types of processes especially when catalytic contaminants are present in the process. ozonia ODT units are available for a wide range of small to medium size industrial and commercial ozone applications.

High efficiency ozone destruct units

Exhaust gases from processes where ozone has been used invariably contain residual amounts of un-reacted ozone. Before this exhaust can be vented to atmosphere it is necessary to decompose the traces of ozone. In most countries it is forbidden to exhaust even low concentrations to atmosphere.

The vent gases leaving the process are routed to the ozonia ODT vent ozone destruct unit. In the reaction chamber the gases are heated up to around 400°C which radically reduces the half-life of the ozone molecule and, consequently, accelerates the decomposition rate so that the ozone content in the gas stream leaving the ozonia ODT is well below the recognized safety limits (<0.1 ppm).

The temperature in the reaction chamber is thermostatically controlled.


  • Very high ozone destruct efficiency
  • Processor controlled
  • Long service life
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Easy integration
  • Compact dimensions
  • High product integrity