Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions

Dust Control Programs

Minimize dust and reduce health and safety hazards

Dust control treatment programs are designed to address many different types of dusting problems. In many handling operations, dust particles are created and/or released at transfer points or other downstream process areas.

Veolia’s DusTreat* dust control programs offers a variety of binding, wetting, foaming and crusting agents that address fugitive dust and stabilize material stockpiles, landfills or tailings surfaces, reducing customers’ overall operating and maintenance costs.

Wetting Agents

DusTreat Dust Control Wetting Agents

Fugitive dust is typical generated during unloading, stack out, reclaim and crushing operations. These dust emissions can be a safety hazard and environmental nuisance and can increase maintenance of material handling equipment. DusTreat wetting agents are highly-concentrated blends formulated to enhance the dust suppression capabilities of water.

DusTreat is designed to increase the ability of water to adhere to and spread over dust particles. This increases the bulk density of dust particles and leads to agglomeration, which prevent particles from becoming airborne. DusTreat dust control solutions are particularly effective in reducing respirable dust.

DusTreat Wetting Agents Features & Benefits

  • Provides control of fugitive emissions while minimizing moisture addition
  • Enhances wetting of dust particles
  • Reduces maintenance and housekeeping costs
  • Improve working conditions 

Foaming Agents

DusTreat Dust Control Foaming Agents

DusTreat foaming agents offer the best available technology by effectively knocking down dust particles without adding large amounts of water to the process.  DusTreat foaming agents control fugitive dust and reduce costs associated with moisture addition to the fuel or process material.

DusTreat Foaming Agents Features & Benefits 

  • Provides control of fugitive emissions while minimizing moisture addition
  • Maintains control of emission through multiple transfer points and active storage piles
  • Produces high expansion foam with most plant waters
  • Reduces maintenance and housekeeping costs
  • Improves worker health by reducing respirable dust emissions
  • Environmentally safe

Binding Agents

DusTreat Dust Control Binding Agents

DusTreat binding agents are patented dust control technologies designed to reduce fugitive dust emissions and inhibit the surface weathering of coal and other mineral ores.

DusTreat binding agents provide maximum performance when applied to specific bulk materials. DusTreat binding agents are effective on a wide variety of materials including coal, coke, mineral ores and unpaved roads 

DusTreat Binding Agents Features & Benefits

  • Reduces dusting during loading, unloading, stack-out and reclamation
  • Reduces in-transit material losses from rail cars or haul trucks– 
  • Retards the oxidation and weathering of low rank coals, such as Powder River Basin (PRB) coals
  • Reduces BTU losses during storage at coal yards and terminals 

Crusting Agents

DusTreat Dust Control Crusting Agents

DusTreat crusting agents are specially formulated to control dust from long term and short-term storage piles by proving a durable, semi-permanent, rain-resistant surface seal, reducing wind erosion and protecting against atmospheric oxidation.

DusTreat crusting agents control fugitive dust emissions from a wide variety of solid materials including coal, limestone, calcined coke, taconite, clinker, ores, fly ash, mine tailings and waste materials stored in open piles exposed to the weather

DusTreat Crusting Agents Features & Benefits

  • Provides long-term control of fugitive dust emissions 
  • Reduces inventory losses and pile run off
  • Improves working conditions, community relations, and protects the environment 

Material Handling Solutions 

In addition to dust suppression, the DusTreat products provide solutions designed to address wet or frozen material flow problems. Additionally, a selection of DusTreat binders are used to control dust on unpaved roads.

  • Flows Aids – Flow Aids are used to reduce or eliminate flow interruptions that result from wet coal or minerals adhering to equipment surfaces. Flow aids relieve production bottlenecks and reduce cleanup costs.
  • Freeze Conditioning – Freeze Conditioning agents help material flow in extreme cold conditions.
  • Road Dust Control – Specific wetting agents and binders are used for road dust control. Environmentally friendly DusTreat products are applied to control fugitive dust to maximize visibility and safety on roadways.