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Chemical Solutions for the Ethylene Industry

Ensure optimal run length while reducing fouling and corrosion

Ethylene is one of the largest volume chemicals produced in the world and is the building block for most downstream petrochemical processes. Corrosion control and fouling prevention are crucial to ensure increased run length and optimum conversion yield.

Veolia's extensive line of ethylene treatment chemicals are specifically designed for this industry and can help your plant extend run length, decrease production loss, and increase efficiency.

Featured Products

Petroflo* Product Series

Our Petroflo products are specifically designed for the ethylene industry and incorporate several different polymerization inhibitors, multiple dispersants for organic and inorganic particles, metal coordinators/deactivators to address metal-catalyzed polymerization. Petroflo also includes emulsion breakers for improve phase separation, foaming control solutions, and neutralizers and filmers to manage corrosion issues

Petroflo Features and Benefits

  • Reduce ethylene losses and avoid throughput reductions due to fouling and corrosion
  • Increase energy savings
  • Increase the lifespan of your equipment
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Reduce equipment cleaning frequency 

Features & Benefits

Achieving Value for your Business

Our deep technical and industry expertise, coupled with technologies specifically deisnged for ethylene units, can address the following throughout your operation:

  • Reduce Operating Costs and Unplanned Capex - Minimize power consumption, maintenance requirements and outages/turnarounds.
  • Improve Production - Improve production and cost effectiveness in all sections of the plant, including the process gas compressor.
  • Increase Asset Reliability and Protection - Maintain product quality to avoid unscheduled downtime by mitigating fouling in all major processes of an ethylene plant from pyrolysis furnace, TLX and quench, compression and treating, drying and chilling, to product separation.
  • Extend Run Length - Minimize operational challenges through fouling and corrosion control. 
  • Increases System Efficiency - Reduce fouling and corrosion to maintain capacity of critical operating equipment.
  • Achieve Environmental Compliance - Reduce environmental footprint, treatment costs and blowdown/discharge volume while meeting environmental regulations.
  • Improve Safety - Strong focus on people, process and product safety, including lower toxicity chemistries.