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Mechanical Bar Screen

Maximize screenings capture, minimize problems

The Climber* Screen Mechanical Bar Screen reduces costs and complications for pump stations and wastewater treatment plants by removing channel debris before it can damage downstream equipment.


Climber Screen Technology

Climber Screen InstallationThe Climber Screen was developed to provide a low maintenance solution to previous screening technologies, which used permanently submerged rotating parts such as sprockets and bearings.

How it Works

The smooth running, endless track system employs a gear-driven cleaning rake to carry screenings from the submerged bar rack to a discharge chute for removal – without the use of chains, sprockets, cables or any underwater moving parts.

Engineered for years of severe duty service, Climber* Screen can tackle large obstructions with ease. The rake simply disengages from the bar rack to clear the object until it can be removed on a subsequent pass.

An object too large for the rake to clear will activate an alarm to reverse the unit, facilitating access for manual removal.


Features & Applications

Climber* Screen Mechanical Bar Screen

Main Features

  • Above water operation
  • No submerged moving parts
  • Flexible design
  • Heavy duty design
  • Wide range of opening sizes
  • Positive screening discharge
  • Machined parts


  • WWTP headworks: protect downstream equipment
  • Pumping stations: flood control
  • Water intake: remove large debris
  • Ideal for both municipal and industrial use
Climber Web Screen Installation