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aqualead* Water Conditioning

Water conditioning products & equipment

Our aqualead offer includes a range of products to protect your membrane systems, cooling systems, and boilers, combined with dedicated teams offering service across the entire industrial water cycle.

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Conditioning Products

A wide selection of products to protect and ensure the safety of your facilities.

For your membrane systems:

  • aqualead AS: scale and clogging inhibitors
  • aqualead CD: cleaning products
  • aqualead BC: disinfection additives

For your cooling systems:

  • aqualead AS: scale inhibitors
  • aqualead BC: biocides
  • aqualead CD: cleaning products
  • aqualead Cl: corrosion inhibitors
  • aqualead MF: multi-functional products

For your boilers:

  • aqualead AF: boiler anti-priming agents
  • aqualead CD: cleaning
  • aqualead Cl: corrosion inhibitors
  • aqualead MF: multi-functional products
  • aqualead PO: phosphating agents

For your wastewater treatment plants:

  • aqualead AM: anti-foaming agents
  • aqualead CO: coagulants
  • aqualead FL: flocculants


Discover our new range: aqualead nexgen Zinc reduction

It is composed of corrosion and scale inhibitors with a low environmental impact, which are non-corrosive to guarantee user safety. The products within the range have been designed to respect the environment: they are metal-free, have a low Anti-corrosion COD reduction phosphate content and use highly biodegradable polymers.

Water Conditioning Services

A continuous improvement approach

We put in place dedicated and specific performance indicators for all facilities. They allow us to optimize operational and maintenance costs. Our approach targets reduction of water loss, quantifiable energy gains, and optimization of product use.

Dedicated teams

Whether in the technical or sales department, all of our teams are highly qualified and experienced to assist you in defining the best technical solution for your facilities.

  • sales team: Our teams monitor your facilities on a daily basis through analyses, water and product consumption reports; providing you with recommendations to ensure the efficacy of the treatments put in place. They provide close monitoring and remain your main contact to guarantee a true, long-term partnership.

  • technical support: Our technical teams support you in all your requests, and in particular for  chemical and microbiological analyses in our laboratory, on-site audits, risk analysis and technical recommendations.

  • aqualead training: Our training centre runs training modules all over Europe from beginners to experts. Conducted on our premises or directly at your site, our training courses have flexible content to enable the creation of bespoke sessions.

  • innovations: Our innovation division is responsible for developing new technology and products. To do this, our teams have dedicated pilot units and ensure constant technological watch to consistently create solutions that meet your needs.

Specific Equipment

Complete range of equipment

We offer a complete range of equipment to optimise the quality, productivity and performance of your industrial units. The range includes:

  • small dosing and regulation equipment
  • more complex, bespoke facilities (osmosis unit, softener, filters, etc.)
  • specific equipment.

We have developed a range of dedicated equipment for the use of our products, including: controllers for corrosion prevention or scale prevention treatment of cooling systems and even specially designed storage for the optimal safety of your facilities.

Our specific equipment is marketed under the name aqualead

  • aqualead genox, for cooling tower treatment without biocides

  • aqualead easyfeed, for safe storage of your products

  • aqualead watch, for optimized monitoring of your cooling systems

  • aqualead plug, for centralized and bespoke management of your facilities

  • aqualead access, for the traceability of your data