Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions

Gas Processing Technologies

Custom design and fabrication for gas processing

Veolia Oil & Gas Systems offers custom design and fabrication of process packages for any type of gas processing including gas dehydration, gas sweetening and dew point control to name a few.

Dew Point Control

Turn-key DPCU packages

Eromanga DPCUHydrocarbon Dew Point Control Units (DPCU) are designed to inhibit the formation of solid hydrates in gas streams. By default they perform a level of dehydration which is achieved via injection of a liquid hydrate inhibitor directly into the gas stream. DPCU packages can be designed to use either Joule-Thomson expansion or refrigeration to provide the required degree of cooling. 

Veolia Oil & Gas Systems designs and builds each system as a complete turn-key package with particular emphasis given to: 

  • Discharge gas hydrocarbon dew point 
  • Discharge gas water dew point 
  • Minimum inhibitor injection and losses 
  • Minimum energy consumption 
  • Optimum plant efficiency and design integrity 
  • Compliance with SHEQ requirements 
  • Environmentally conscientious design


Fuel Gas Treatment & Metering

Customized Fuel Gas Treatment Packages

Fuel Suction ScrubberFuel Gas Treatment packages are used in many applications to provide specific pre-treatment of gas feed streams upstream of various processes such as: 

  • Gas turbine power stations 
  • Offshore power generators 
  • Cement plants 
  • Utility fuel and instrument gas systems 

Veolia Oil & Gas Systems has a well-established track record in providing optimized Fuel Gas Treatment packages customized to each unique application that includes a combination of equipment such as:

  • Knock-out drums 
  • Filter/coalescers 
  • Heaters 
  • Pressure adjustment (reduction or compression) 
  • Gas metering 
  • Condensate handling 
  • Gas storage systems 
  • Emergency shutdown systems 
  • Vent and flare stacks 
  • Process control systems



Custom Gas Separators

GCFApplications for liquid removal from gas vary enormously, so we offer a range of vertical and horizontal gas separators with specific performance envelopes for your process. The main design features are: 

  • Excellent performance over a wide operating range 
  • Ability to handle high liquid loads and slugs 
  • Standard and compact designs available 
  • Systems specifically designed for floating production systems 
  • Low fouling internals available for waxy and/or dirty service 
  • Extensive range of materials available for severe and/or corrosive service 

Separators incorporate a range of separation technologies including mesh pads, vane packs, coalescing packs and axial cyclones custom-designed to suit your needs whether that be for test or production separators. 



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