Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions

BEV Series Reverse Osmosis System

Protect your brand and avoid quality issues in your ingredient water

Veolia's BEV Series industrial reverse osmosis system is specifically designed for production of ingredient water for carbonated soft drinks (CSD), juices, bottled water and non-carbonated beverages. Veolia has gained the confidence of leading beverage suppliers with the largest installed base of ingredient water treatment systems. With strong technical support before, during, and after the sale, the result is a reverse osmosis performance you can trust.

BEV Series Features

Manufactured in an ISO9001 registered facility and with NSF-certified membrane elements, Veolia’s BEV series provides the highest quality ingredient water for the beverage industry. Your benefits include:

  • Taste consistency across the globe
  • Maximum production uptime
  • High product safety
  • Low total cost of operation
  • Consistent alkalinity
  • Maximum water use