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SeaPRO and SeaPRO-E Reverse Osmosis Desalination

All-In-One Packaged Desal Systems - Preconfigured and Skidded 

These reverse osmosis systems offer a pre-packaged solution to seawater desalination. The SeaPRO is the premium line, while the SeaPRO-E has been optimized for lower capital costs. The SeaPRO line includes two types of energy recovery devices depending on the size of the system with turbochargers being used on smaller systems, while pressure exchangers are used on the larger systems. The SeaPRO-E line uses turbochargers exclusively, in line with its optimized capital cost benefits. All systems include variable frequency drives for optimal control of the high-pressure pump. These systems offer you easy installation and dependable operation. 

SeaPRO Series Features and Benefits

  • Premium skid mounted systems with flow rates ranging from 100 to almost 2,750 m3/day (20-500 gpm) of permeate. 
  • Featuring turbocharger energy recover y devices on SeaPRO-8 through SeaPRO-28, and pressure exchanger energy recovery devices on SeaPRO-42 through SeaPRO-210. 
  • Options for recovery of 35% or 45%, as designed for 45,000 ppm TDS or 35,000 ppm TDS feed water respectively. 
  • Power options for 50 Hz and 60 Hz to allow for global use.  

RO seapro

SeaPRO-E Series Features and Benefits

  • Economically designed skid mounted systems designed to deliver reliable desalination with a reduced feature set 
  • Flow rates from 500 to 2,500 m3/day (92-460 gpm) with 45% recovery on up to 45,000 ppm TDS feed water 
  • All systems come with turbocharger energy recovery devices and a variable frequency drive (VFD) on the high-pressure pump 
  • There is an option to add PLC control to each of these systems 

RO e-series