Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions

Spare Parts & Consumables

Keeping your plant running

Veolia supplies and installs the right parts and consumables at the best price to keep your plant running every day.

Spare Parts

Avoid supply disruption and loss of production by ensuring your asset is always operating at optimal capacity. And, save time thanks to our optimized purchasing process.

  • Analysis and recommendations for your spare parts strategy
  • Manage spare parts supply
  • Spare parts installation
  • Parts refurbishment
  • First Aid kit



Services for any kind of water treatment

Our qualified team of experts and technical staff perform a large array of services for parts and consumables, from analysis to complete refurbishment, for any kind of water treatment, such as:

  • Decantation - Replacement of scraper bridges and lamellar modules, refurbishment of aeration tanks
  • Filtration - Servicing open sand filters, replacing or strengthening concrete floors, interventions on enclosed metal filters, renovation of surface coatings, replacement of filter mass and nozzles
  • Demineralization - Replacement of ion exchange vessels and resins
  • Membrane filtration - cleaning and replacement of ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membranes
  • Sludge treatment - Reconditioning or replacement of screen rakes, sludge drains, filter presses, etc.

Conditioning Optimization

  • Aqualead* access is software that helps you centralize, monitor and manage all the data on the chemical treatment of your installations.
  • Aqualead* watch is a water scanner that regulates in real-time the injection of anti-corrosion and anti-scaling agents in cooling systems. It comes equipped with a self-cleaning system for maximum robustness.
  • Memboard* membrane optimization is a powerful tool to help you get the most out of your mebranes. By implementing MEMBoard, you can better manage membrane cleaning schedules, optimize energy use and achieve maximum membrane life.