Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions

Technical Assistance & Support Services

Optimize operational and economic performance

Our expert technicians provide on-site and remote support at all stages of your asset’s lifecycle and share their knowledge with your teams.


Technical Support Options

Rely on our technical support services to minimize long term risk and comply with health and safety standards. We will help optimize your operational and economic performance, and you’ll benefit from our rapid response. 

Some of our services include:

  • Warranty period extension
  • Biomass brokerage service
  • Local assistance (d/y or h/d)
  • 24/7 telephone remote support
  • 24/7 emergency on-call duty
  • Expert support assistance (d/y or h/d)
  • Ecoflow® guarantee
  • Mobile unit emergency dispatch
  • Remote monitoring & diagnosis
  • Real-time mobile alerts

EDO Contracts

Efficient Delegated Operations (EDO)

EDO is a performance contract, based on our operational teams and experts, with at least one contract supervisor on site. We commit to performance guarantees, based on clients’ effluent specifications.


  • Budgetary control: Guaranteed Total Cost of Operations
  • Environmental management: Guaranteed discharge level
  • Productivity: Guaranteed productivity gains
  • Service continuity: Complete support (crisis management, on-call technical support...)

Aquacalc* Software

Our on-site expert uses aquacalc software to track the performance of your plant and provide daily recommendations for improvement. EDO includes Integration of all the documentation.

  • Set up of automatic information input in aquacalc
  • Integration and monitoring of KPIs
  • Daily, monthly and annual reports
  • Integration of recommendations with follow-up of realization

On- and Off-Site Support

Global network of support specialists

On-Site Technical Support

Veolia has field service representatives (FSRs) located globally; this allows us to deploy a specialist close to you quickly and cost effectively.

  • Scheduled Service Visits – contracted service visits from a Veolia Field Service Rep (FSR) to review operations and per- form maintenance checks. Recommendations to improve operations will be detailed in a service visit report
  • Unscheduled Service Visits – a visit from a Veolia FSR to review and perform work on a specific technical issue or group of issues
  • Plant Audits – a full service visit from a Veolia Specialist to provide a comprehensive review of process, mechanical, controls or programming operations. Recommendations to improve or optimize operations will be detailed in a report
  • Knowledge Services – we have the expertise to train you and your team in the key aspects of your plant and water filtration. Training can be carried out on site or via web conferencing

Off-Site Technical Support

Veolia can offer you several technical support services without a site visit

  • Technical Support Line – gives you access to our highly skilled Veolia technical support staff during business hours for the life of your plant
  • After Hours Technical Support – connects you with our technical support teams outside of regular business hours
  • Fiber Cleaning Studies – analytical studies that identify foulants and allow for optimized cleaning recommendations
  • Process & Programming Support – skilled teams of specialists that will help you resolve process and programming issues