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Integra L

Large centralised water system - clinical analyser feed

Our Integra L units have been designed to provide a broad spectrum of purified water for laboratory applications. Each unit is designed to feed a laboratory suite with several outlets using a ring main to provide a continuous supply. The water is stored in an integral 250 litre stainless steel tank. Two units are available: The Integra LH for hard feed water and Integra LS for soft feed water.


Integra L

To provide higher grades of purified water the basic Integra L units can be supplemented by the addition of optional polishing packs comprising of stand-alone exchangeable cylinders. For applications requiring high quality water with enhanced bacterial specification, UV disinfection and 0.2μm filtration is available in an optional BIO pack.

Additional features

  • Single compact unit which purifies, stores and distributes lab water
  • Produces up to 600 l/hr
  • Provides ASTM Type I, II or III water and BS EN ISO grade 1,2 or 3 water
  • Utilises reverse osmosis technology, in conjunction with activated carbon and particulate filtration as part of the first stage of purification
  • Integrated data logging for performance traceability equipped as standard
  • Delivered factory tested for ease of installation
  • LCD touch screen display for ease of operation.

Unit Specifications

Width (mm) 1000
Depth (mm) 750
Height (mm) 1800
Max shipping weight (kg) 310
Max working weight (kg) 550

Installation Requirements

Power Single Phase, 230V, +/- 10%, 50 Hz
Feed water Potable*
Maximum TDS (ppm) 1000
Minimum inlet pressure – psi (bar) 15 (1)
Maximum inlet pressure – psi (bar) 90 (6.2)
Feed water temperature 1-35°C
Free chlorine Must be dechlorinated

System Specifications

Pure water storage 250 litres
Display panel LCD – screen
Pre-treatment 5μm pre-filter
Reverse osmosis Low energy membranes
Deionisation Optional Di packs*
Micro filtration Optional 0.2μm**
UV lamp Optional 254nm**
Purified water make-up flowrate @ 10°C 200 – 600 l/hr***
Purified water distribution Up to 3000 l/hr
Carbon dioxide degassing
TOC reduction Optional*

* 10, 15, 18MΩ.cm polishing deionisation packs available including activated carbon for TOC reduction
** Included in BioPack
*** Softened feed water required for 600 l/hr (Integra LS). Integra LH can operate on hard water up to 400ppm as CaCO3

Treated Water Specifications

Conductivity < 30μs/cm*
Bacteria > 99% rejection**
Organics – TOC (ppb) < 50***
Particles 0.2μm**
Endotoxins 0.25EU/ml**

* For enhanced inorganic and organic quality the unit can be fitted with either 10,15 or 18MΩ.cm polishing deionisers packs.
** Optional ‘BioPack’ will provide purified water with a total viable count of <1cfu/ml, endotoxin level <0.25EU/ml and particles <0.2μm
*** Typical level, depends on feedwater