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Z-BOX M Water Filtration System

Z-BOX M is great for tough to treat applications with minimal pre-treatment requirements. 

Robust and durable, the Z-Box L system – featuring the ZW500 membrane – made up of standard building blocks to create your system. Suited for use in numerous applications including drinking water treatment, tertiary filtration, and RO pre-treatment. Compared to granular filter media, ZeeWeed membranes produce superior water quality, and are virtually unaffected by variable raw water quality - all at a cost comparable to conventional filtration technology. 



  • ZeeWeed* 500 ultrafiltration membrane effectively blocks particles, bacteria, viruses, and cysts from water supplies 

  • Process skid including membrane permeate/backwash pumps; options for permeate turbidity and MIT for drinking water applications 

  • Membrane blowers 

  • Membrane tank 

  • Main control panel  

  • In-situ cleaning 

  • Two train system: each train capable of up to 900,000 gallons per day 



  • Automated operation minimizes operator requirements 

  • Pre-engineered for a short delivery timeline from submittal to a fully operational system 

  • Prefabricated equipment to minimize site work and site installation time/costs 

  • Robust process and membranes give increased tolerance for upstream process upsets 

  • Compact footprint allows installation inside existing buildings 

  • Minimizes pre-treatment requirements for high solids influent 

Supporting Materials

Supporting Materials