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Z-MOD L Wastewater Filtration System

The Z-Mod L MBR system – featuring the ZW500D membrane – is ideally suited for medium to larger wastewater treatment needs.

Made up of the building blocks to allow for up to 4 trains and 6 MGD of treatment capacity, the Z-Mod L MBR system starts smaller and expands only when needed by adding additional trains keeps initial costs lower.  With standard controls for your whole treatment plant you can connect to existing ancillary/biological equipment or we can provide new components for your entire treatment needs. 



  • The ZeeWeed* 500 reinforced ultrafiltration membrane has a 0.04 μm nominal pore diameter - for optimal removal of particulates, bacteria, and viruses.  Its PVDF chemistry gives mechanical strength and chemical resistance. 

  • Reversible pump for production and backwash 

  • Standard selection of tanks, blowers and ancillary equipment, sized for your system 

  • Main control panel to control your whole wastewater treatment plant 

  • In-situ cleaning 

  • Five system sizes:  

    • Z-MOD L70 – 10 to 62 GPM per train 
    • Z-MOD L160 – 46 to 160 GPM per train 

    • Z-MOD L280 – 68 to 230 GPM per train 

    • Z-MOD L630 – 155 to 630 GPM per train 

    • Z-MOD L1120 – 210 to 1050 GPM per train 



  • Automated operation minimizes operator requirements.  Gives consistency in treatment process. 

  • Pre-engineered for a short delivery timeline from submittal to a fully operational system 

  • Prefabricated equipment to minimize site work and site installation time/costs 

  • LEAP air scour utilizing large bubbles for increased membrane scouring.  Consumes 30% less energy for membrane aeration. 

  • Robust process and membranes give increased tolerance for upstream process upsets 

  • Add to an existing conventional treatment system to increase capacity/effluent quality  

  • Compact footprint allows installation inside existing buildings. 

  • High effluent quality to meet stringent effluents requirements 


Supporting Materials

Supporting Materials